“LIFT Lifts Spirits”—12-Year-Old Reports on Bible Retreat

It was a sunny, warm fall day on Sunday, October 2, when my classmates and I excitedly loaded up in three different cars headed for LIFT at Camp Au Sable in northern Michigan. Do you know what LIFT stands for? If you’re anything like me before I went, probably not. Lifestyle Improvement For Teens (LIFT) is a fall retreat for Michigan Conference seventh and eighth graders where young people learn to make good spiritual, physical, and social lifestyle choices. For three days, 180 teens gathered from all over the state to spend time in nature, learn more about the Bible, and make new friends. 

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Just curious, why didn’t they, at the camp?

Well written, Juliana. This event always sounds like a lot of fun. Alas, I was too old for it even when it began. But Camp Au Sable is an amazing place with good memories.

So their respective churches/pastors can claim baptismal numbers? Call me cynical…or am I just realistic?

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Pastors and members from the respective congregations represented could be invited to participate. It’s an opportunity for a brief history lesson for all concerned regarding the experience of those who confessed their faith in the past, such as the early Christians and perhaps the Anabaptists, for example.

Yes, they could do that, but IMO, they don’t want to do that. Those types of things, highlighting other Christians’ experience isn’t really a focus. When I was an SDA, other Christians were second class, not quite up to the SDA’s.

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Adventism-just like all religions-is all fun and games, arts and crafts and walks in the woods.

Until you get to the part where they try to scare you to death by saying their “loving” god is gonna rain heavenly fire down on you from above unless you do everything they say, give them ten percent of your salary and at least fifteen percent of your time, for the rest of your life.

Fortunately more and more kids are figuring out that there’s no more reason to believe these terrorist tactics than there is to accept the “fact” that the sun orbits the earth.

Either that, or they tune it all out as easily as they ignore this and every other comment on the intergoogleweb….

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