Little Times of Trouble

Where’s the key :crazy_face:?

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Here is the typical pastor trite answer…“Jesus”

Where’s the key :crazy_face:?

Chapter and verse???

“Little Friend” page 2 paragraph 3

Hey, my yellow G is just as big as yours.

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Most people are not aware that the level of abuse that an abusive person (perpetrator) uses against their victims is not a horizontal line. It’s an inclined line (sometimes a geometric ascending curve) that shows a gradual increase of the use of force and abusive behavior. Domestic violence fatal victims are those who did not run out of the relationship in time.

I have never seen an abusive person (perpetrator) acting on a horizontal line. Their behavior ALWAYS escalates - if not properly treated with specific treatment techniques.


You are a health provider and thus a mandated reporter. Is ruling out physical/mental/sexual abuse part of your medical screening in your dental practice?


I was one of the Likes. Is there any alternative to making sure abuse should not be tolerated? Is this a joke?

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No death penalty. Yet!
If someone slaps the spouse, that was NEVER the first abusive attack. It’s already following verbal abuse, throwing objects close and at the person, verbal threats, AND, it will continue increasing the intensity, usually leading to a death threat.

Yes Sir, if your wife is slapping you already, get treatment for her asap, or leave her - while you are still alive.

And please, don’t dispute what I am saying. Before switching to Geriatric Psychotherapy (now for 16 years) I spent 12 years of my career running groups (or 15 people), full time, treating perpetrators for Domestic Violence and Anger Management. I graduated 1,854 of them, those who finished the 52-week group therapy ordered by the Courts; the groups are 2hr/week. Total of 104 hours. Very effective program if the therapist is good and knowledgeable. (An I am!)
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Either apocrypha or fake…

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If there were a medical specialty with rapid resolution, it has to be surgery as our good friend Allen @ajshep is. Needing appendectomy? in 20 minutes, problem is gone. Not so in psychology, the problem always begin insidiously and gradually increases in a sigmoid curve. And resolves likewise. Totally agree with you

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And here is the famous poem, “I Got Flowers Today,” that any psychotherapist knows, because it describes the violence process very accurately:


Let’s hope none of those “1844” and ten found their calling as ordained ministers.

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Oh, the great majority could certainly get a job like that with no problem:

  1. They were well educated by the end of the program.
  2. Recidivism was very low for those who I treated.
  3. The most important (for ordination purposes), is that the majority were MALES… :wink:
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It was when I practiced. I never had a situation I needed to report.
Several times I have privately and carefully told parents that their daughters had bulimia. It, the acid, eats the enamel off the anterior incisors.

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It was great to have ALL patients already being “reported” by others…
And they had to also behave, or “else”… LOL

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