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This week, ADRA Italy country director, Dag Pontvik, talks about ADRA’s ministry to Italy’s refugees.

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“…share our gratitude, pass on your blessing, echo the love received from the Creator to all, to all humanity, no one excluded.”

But, wait a minute, we have a border and a flag that we pledge loyalty to our nation under. Right, or wrong we put national pride above all else. Who is this guy and his ilk to suppose that we put the travail of others above our political and religious beliefs. Let’s call fire down on them. Their problem, not mine. Besides, I’ve paid my tithes and offerings faithfully and show up on the right day. I’m saved! And that guy that refused to pass by the beaten and robbed stranger although the priest and Levi did, was disillussioned. What a sucker…Thank you very much.


There will be a thief in heaven and a high priest in hell. As we fought our way to Manila, The Rangers put on a daring raid to free a compound of prisoners of war. The nearby villagers burned down the bridge that prevented the Japanese from attacking. as revenge they gathered all the town people in the church, set the church on fire and shot any who tried to escape.

A few days later our clearing company received a Japanese soldier who had been badly beaten. I was the non com assigned to triage. a Major was doctor in charge.he began his exam by roughly twisting the man’s legs… I said, Sir want are you doing. He said I am checking for fractures. I said Sir we don’t examine our men that way…He said if it were not for these bastards I would be practicing surgery in New York. Besides you are out of order. he did stop his cruel exam. but I was The target for the rest of the war.


Evil can be on both sides.
Only God can forgive when WE Can’t.
The jailer at Philippi.

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Inspiring. May God bless you.

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