Loma Linda 360°—A Film on Baby Fae and the Beginning of Infant Heart Transplant Surgery

(Spectrumbot) #1

In 1984 Baby Fae made headlines. For the first time, this film captures the story from the point of view of Baby Fae’s mother and her doctors.

Loma Linda 360˙ - “Stephanie’s Heart”: The Story of Baby Fae (part 1) from Loma Linda University.

In part two below, we see the public outcry, the heartbreak of a mother, and the astonishing beginning of successful infant heart transplant surgery.

Loma Linda 360˙ - “Stephanie’s Heart”: The Story of Baby Fae (part 2) from Loma Linda University.

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(Marcel St Germain) #2

One report stated:“For twenty days the procedure worked until Baby Fae’s kidneys failed and she died”. Here we are led like dumb cows to the water hole, to believe that the baboon heart was ok? There was nothing wrong with it? It was just a great idea? The surgery could not of been better? Absolutely everything went as planned? But for the kidneys failing, we are told, the operation would have been a great success? Is it actually possible in this day and age that not one doctor has stopped to think for just one moment, that Baby Fae was pumped so full of drugs, to help break down her immunity system, which quite naturally would have rejected the baboon heart, that she was actually poisoned and killed in the name of modern medical science? Just exactly what kind of psychology would this be called? And yet it seems we deify people for these kinds of things? Dr. Bailey states in justification of his actions that:“It’s a miracle, an absolute miracle. I never get used to it. I have no desire to set babies up for an early death”. Is it possible the doctor has gone mad?