Loma Linda Health Receives Grant for New Spiritual Care Curriculum

No one likes receiving bad news. This is especially true of bad news relating to your health. It can be difficult processing the emotions of facing change and loss.

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Spiritual care? At Loma Linda? I was recently an in-patient there after surgery. And I received NO spiritual care at all! Even a chaplain having prayer with me before I went into surgery would have meant a lot.

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I think this is typical practice. Given the deceptive use of the term “making man whole” the school and hospital does not educate or provide preventive care (and spiritual care). Maybe it’s impossible to have a large spreading entity that must hire staff who do not buy into its founding purpose. (Cleveland Hospital sounds like it has done much in this area and remained the top hospital in the US.) Research continues to show that some 80% of illness is caused by lifestyle. This is probably ignored in most SDA hospitals and I know hasn’t been taught in LLU in years.

Someday someone may research and write a book on this but not through church-related sources because they depend on donations from its graduates.

I am thankful for the missionary doctors who have graduated from LLU and gone out to the world.

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