Loma Linda’s Anthem Worship Release EDM-Praise EP "Human"

As the groundswell of independent Adventist musicians and bands continues to gain more notice, Anthem Worship stands out as one of the leaders of the pack. The electro-worship collective resident at the Loma Linda University Church continues to clear a high bar for songwriting and production quality, all while breaking new ground for in-person Adventist worship experiences.

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Awesome! Have been listening to EDM for years and the other genres surrounding it. By the way, I’m 76!!

Theologically speaking the song Human would do well with Latter-day Saints. “As man is, God once was; as God is, man may be.” Very incorrect theology for Christians, we don’t have hope because Christ was human, that was the method of delivering the message of God. Even in the Old Testament the hope in God was not because God was human, but because God was God.

That song really needs some tweaking!

Musically it was pretty good though. but if they were trying to go with deeper lyrics that song failed.

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Hey there! I’d invite you to read the lyrics again, because the song isn’t really trying to offer commentary on the mechanics/theology of salvation. The focus of the song is more that God understands what we’re going through.

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I wish I could have read the lyrics it would have saved me time transcribing. But I did not see them on the website or the youtube page so I went by what I heard. Here it is though not the whole lyrics:
After the we are human section At :40

You take us just as we are every bruise and every scar
in our doubt you still remain in our search you stay the same
You’re the hope that’s always there you’re not going anywhere
You’re the God who understands you’ve got hope still in your hands
Because you are human 3X

Then it has the chorus of the “you were the same as me”, something as I said the LDS would really like. As I have never been fully God and fully man, Jesus was never really the same as me.

I agree it covers some of the Bible teachings of Hebrews 4:14-16, but where it goes wrong it goes really wrong. As I said our hope is not in God because he was human. It is because He is God, His humanity reaches to us not to God, not to make God be nice to us and give us hope.

i agree…and the qualities of the singer’s voice are just what’s needed for this focus…

Although I have never heard any of these religious expressions, they enable musical expression to inhabit a niche in what we call worship as a whole. In fact, musical expression has created the niche which it then inhabits; the parts existing by and for the good of the whole, the whole existing by and for the good of the parts. I have tried to raise interest in this approach to worship for some time with little success. While music is an essential part of worship, there is much more to the whole, including ritual, other artistic expressions, such as architecture, which includes the idea of the altar, and lastly word informed by the altar, but expressing the whole, in the form of Christian behavior, in philosophy called morality and ethics. Perhaps, in California, there is the vision and financial ability to run with such an idea. I’d be interested to see what you can come up with.

…Said the guy who doesn’t know how wrong it is to judge others!


Thank you for judging my judgyness. We should all remember that christians should not use knowledge of any kind to make decisions or even to develop opinions. Lest we be accused of judging.

You’re welcome?!?!


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