Loma Linda University Church Discusses the GC’s Compliance Document

Over October 5 and 6, 2018, the Loma Linda University Church led a conversation about the document that will be voted at next week’s Annual Council entitled, “Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions.”

The LLUC website states, “If [the document is] approved, there could be far-reaching implications. Due to this, the Loma Linda University Church is setting aside time to inform church members of what is being proposed. This event will offer the opportunity to clarify why the document is being proposed in the first place, to understand the concerns many have, and then, finally, provide time for questions and answers.”

The LLUC statement continues saying, “The leadership of the Loma Linda University Church feels deeply the need for overall church unity as well as respect for overall church leadership, so there was considerable discussion about what might be the best way to facilitate a healthy discussion. This is based on the assumption that in order for any healthy family to remain united when disagreement exists, there needs to be a place for respectful discussion.”

The conversation schedule over October 5-6 included:

October 5

7:00 p.m.: Special Devotional and Prayer Service

October 6:

9:00 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.: "When The Church Differs," sermon by Randy Roberts

10:30 a.m.: Joint Sabbath School: Explanation of Proposed Document released by the General Conference.

3:00 p.m.: Presentations & Discussion of Implications. LLUC Sanctuary

The October 6 panel discussion is currently being live-streamed and is available to watch on the LLUC YouTube channel here:

Also available for viewing:

Friday evening prayer service:

Sabbath church service:

Sabbath School discussion:

Further Reading:

Responses from Church Entities and Timeline of Key Events, Annual Council 2017 to Present

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I watched the session and was touched when the panel was asked who might be attending the Fall Council only for Sandra Roberts to say “I will, but I won’t be able to speak.” I could sense my vital signs shot up and had to bite my tongue from saying words the Holy Spirit would not appreciate. Similar situation when I’m dealing with a wife abuser during court ordered psychiatric evaluations.


i can’t understand that…even if she weren’t recognized as a conference president, it seems she should be allowed to speak…there were women speakers at last year’s annual council…


I would not expect that there will be any willingness on the part of Ted Wilson or anyone on the Executive committee to even entertain the idea of listening. This is a leadership who has dug in their collective heels and decided that the votes they need to remain in power reside outside the NAD. So be it. What comes next will be devastating to the Church.


I think Jon Paulien’s reading of the situation is wrong. There is a lot of distance between congregationalism and centralization. That’s a false choice. This is also not a doctrinal issue, but one of church practice, which can and should vary from context to context.


Perhaps on the days this document is discussed at GC, Professors at
LLU, LaSierra, PUC, Walla Walla mourn with Duct Tape on their mouths
all day.
Don’t know the mood for Union, Southern, Columbia Union, Andrews, Huntsville.
A “Yes” vote will also affect our SDA school personnel. Day programs and our
Boarding Academies.


Interesting that her voice is officially heard when dealing with her Property and Trusts duties, which is a part of the state requirement to be in position as head of conference…
but sad that she is still so sophomorically snubbed


There exist a possibility that Sandra Roberts might be allowed into the microphone this AC2018 but not before she can be subjected to shame and humiliation by those who are deluded to be the “highest authority of God on earth.”


Perhaps they take their instructions from our Grandparents – The Anglicans.
When the Bishop Jeffers went to Westminster Abbey with the other world
Bishops, she was forced to walk down the aisle with her hat in her hand,
instead of on her head.
Yes, our leaders are acting like many Anglican Grandparents.
They should be acting like our Methodist parents, the childhood church of
Ellen Harmon-White and her family.


There’s a group of young professionals who meet as a young adult Sabbath School of the Loma Linda University Church, called Advent Hope.
In the past, Elder Ted Wilson had been invited to address them and has received an open invitation to return.

To my knowledge, correct me if I’m wrong, the same has not been the case as far as the LLUC pastoral staff is concerned. For a change, won’t it be nice if the latter were to extend a formal invitation to GC president Elder Ted Wilson to preach at the two morning Sabbath services? Might he not, if he were asked in advance, also welcome an opportunity to spend the afternoon in an open forum regarding matters of mutual concern?

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Those discriminators running the GC can be brutal. What they are doing to Sandy Roberts is insane, almost an indicative that they actually support and/or practice (?or enjoy) abuse of women themselves.


1 Samuel 16:7 is discussing the quandry put to Samuel to choose a new King of
Israel from one of the sons of Jesse. And he had quite a few to choose from.
Samuel saw all these good looking guys, handsome, well built in their late teens
and early 20’s. And Samuel WAS IMPRESSED!!
But every time Samuel begins to touch his oil flask, God says, “NO!!”
God told Samuel – “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks
at the heart.”
The New Testament – Peter and Paul – tell us that God is no respecter of
persons, and that ALL are the SAME, including men gender and women gender.

“God looks on the heart.” Soul and Heart are at times used interchangeably.
The Soul–Heart hold the Mind, the Will, the Emotions – One’s personality.
THIS is what God looks at.
The Naked Body [let’s face it, male babies and female babies look different].
The Body – arms, legs are ONLY to carry out the commands of the Brain and
to see that the body feeds the Brain and keeps it functioning and safe.

God is NO RESPECTER of Brains. God calls ALL Brains to enlist in His service,
and God accepts ALL in His service.
It is MEN who tell Female Brains – “You are God’s rejects!!” Therefore have no
business telling the Gospel Story, no business Baptizing lost sinners, now children
of God. No business organizing believers into congregations so they can learn the
skills needed to spread the Gospel Story.

For some reason [probably culturally from the 600s or so, that ONLY MEN were
allowed to be Priests, Clerics who could give Communion, could Baptize] the
leaders of the SDA church are following the Religious Culture of our Cousins from
the 600s.
[Check out how women of that time to the present have been tricked by men into becoming Nuns
in Nun “housing” which limited their FULL POTENTIAL in the work of God.]
Our SDA church Leaders have rejected the teaching of God in 1 Samuel, the teaching
of God through Peter and Paul.
This animosity against WOMEN is so strong that they would THREATEN PUNISHMENT
to any person, any group that would put the message of God, Peter, Paul into practice.
Any person, any group that would ELEVATE WOMEN to Equal With Men Priests.


I would suggest that women’s ordination is more of a cultural adaptation, different from the time of Paul. It is more like Numbers 27: 1-5 daughters of Zelophehad.
Exceptions can be made due to changing cultural conditions and situations.


Patrick –
Thanks. Forgot about that. And God’s reply to make WOMEN equal to MEN FOREVER
in the land of Israel in land distribution.


she has definitely handled her situation with a lot of grace, but it’s also time to give her some respect…if she were a catholic or an atheist, i’m sure she’d be treated better…


IF Pres Wilson did agree to a forum at LLU he would have conditions.
ALL Questions would be written down.
ALL Questions would be screened by his handlers.
ALL Questions not favorable to him would be Rejected.


That would be ridiculous, showing lack of respect and exerting a dictatorian leadership style.

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Then she should not be allowed to be baptized, pay tithe, fill a space on the SDA ‘score card’, eat or serve at ‘pot-faiths’ or keep the Sabbath. . . either.


Ah! You’re getting down to the core. Ministers’ performance are based on tithes and baptisms. Discriminators are psychologically blind and egocentric narcissists who can only see how to use others to their advantage which means Sandra Roberts must continue to baptize and sign the checks to feed our current delusional GC leaders to maintain a certain level of institutional credibility. Fairness, kindness, civility and compassion are not characteristics of discriminators, no matter whether you are an ordained minister or not.


I would support your grandiose idea of offering Elder TW the opportunity to give a sermon at the LLU church. That would be lovely! However, do you believe in your heart that TW can handle an unsanitized question and answer session? If he failed miserably in his own backyard as he did in AC2017 and the recent tie vote among his peers, what makes you raise your hopes he can surpass his miserable past performance?