Loma Linda University Church Discusses the GC’s Compliance Document

(Andy) #21

Compliance vs. CoMission
If it is not the great co-mission first, then we are out of compliance with the Gospel.

The great commission is not about “go ye therefore and spy on one another” but for all genders to teach and preach and baptize.

All those who do not get this should simply step aside and spare the church further shame and disgrace. There are 7billion plus to reach. GO SPELL!

(Thomas J Zwemer) #22

Cold water is a good way to quench a fire brand. Ted can stand anything but being ignored. He has already pinned the tail on his own behind. The committees if approved are too fat to get out of their own way.

(Steve Mga) #23

Just BECAUSE a Woman Pastor is SHUNNED by her male PEERS, does NOT mean,
nor GIVE HER AUTHORITY to give up her Calling.
To cease and desist from PERFORMING the activities that her Calling Requires –
Teaching, Baptizing, Organizing Communities, Exhorting and Cheering on other
pastors [even IF they ARE Men].
NO!! She is in the business of Saving Souls and encouraging others to join her
in her business endeavors.
A Pastor’s Glory is in the words, “Well done, you have been My faithful servant, even
in the opposition and slander from your “fellow – men” pastors.”

(George Tichy) #24

And I hope his answers were all kept secret to himself as well…
This is what the Republicans Senators and the WH call “limited in scope”… :wink:

(George Tichy) #25

A woman should not be allowed to sign the checks that are sent from the Conference to the guys upstairs… :roll_eyes:
If this rule were in place, she would gladly be allowed to speak, and her name would gladly be added to the YB.
Follow the money… :wink:

(George Tichy) #26

I am past that, I don’t want him to show up or speak around here. Whatever he would preach would be irrelevant and probably hypocritical. It’s his actions that speak louder than anything else.

The list of his political maneuvers + his dictatorial actions + his discriminatory positions against women totally disqualify him to preach on any pulpit like LSU or LLU or Azure Hills, to mentions just a few around here. He should go more often to speak to the AIS guys… Or, maybe, the Oregon Conference??? :open_mouth:

(George Tichy) #27

For a moment I thought you were talking about a guy who now lives in the WH… :wink:


To those who listened/watched Randy Roberts sermon yesterday on early church conflict/unity…were you aware of a significant sermon omission related to the action in the ACTS 15 council?
Another example of why the contemporary church is impotent & irrelevant. So many are institutionally minded they are no Earthly good.

1st Clue: It is called Loma Linda UNIVERSITY church
2nd Clue: Think about what is alleged from 1982 about the senate confirmation hearings

The church salt has changed to sugar and cocaine.

(Elmer Cupino) #29

I pray the AC2018 ends with TW’s Unity agenda is soundly rejected. I also pray that he be censured by his peers. Then the church can reset itself and move forward.

(George Tichy) #30

You should not have watched Randy’s sermon. Those people are completely incompetent, aren’t they? I wonder why you still waste your time listening to people (basically everyone but you, of course) since everyone is just incompetent, lacking knowledge,lacking revelation, lacking everything.

The only way to avoid the torture of listening to those incompetent teachers/preachers is yourself [reaching in front of a mirror. This would give you the opportunity to stay sane by watching the only competent teacher/preacher on earth! :roll_eyes:

(Elmer Cupino) #31

It really is not a waste for @gideonjrn , as a matter of fact it is validating for him. We’ve seen this phenomenon many times during cognitive behavioral therapy as insecure people need to find fault with others to built up their failing and impoverished self esteem. Treatment of course does not mean correcting others who are at fault, that would be exhausting and impractical with no insurance funding. Treatment requires @gideonjrn to restructure his misperceptions that all are imperfect except him.


Thanks George for your professional compassionate advice.
BTW, how many rough drafts did you have to type before you posted?

Also, I appreciate Elmer liking your post…it is so encouraging.

(Elmer Cupino) #33

You’re very welcome, our dear friend.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #34

I don’t give a twit about my standing with Ted or his committees. I care about my standing before Christ, my wife, and my children. Church membership carries as much weight as being a member of the American Legand.


Just wonderful!
Another specific diagnosis segue, tangenting to the subjective and avoiding the objective. Notice readers that there is no inquiry into what the omission is, just hits from attacking an SDA clergy darling


I am finally getting through to that hard head of yours!!!

(George Tichy) #37

Sure, any time! Anything for a great spectrumite like you, who always helps us to detect the flaws and errors in others’ teaching and preaching. Otherwise we would have the impression that those teachers/preachers had any positive abilities, when they actually have none according to you.

Thanks Gideon for your unprofessional uncompassionate advice… :roll_eyes: :innocent:

(Elmer Cupino) #38

We’ve asked you a number to times to be specific yet you resort to ala “Truth or Consequence” “What is behind curtain number 1, 2, or 3.” The fact that we constantly miss it means we have no clue, so tell us what we are missing. Is that too much for you?

(Steve Mga) #39

Sunday –
Heard this in a sermon at church this morning. Was discussing relationships.
“There is NO GREATER SIN than to pretend that a person [in this case
President Sandra Roberts] DOES NOT exist.”

This is what ALL the Administrators at Silver Springs have done to Sandra
Roberts. From the refusal to place her name as President in the SDA World
Book. To the refusal to acknowledge her at GC in SanAntonio, and NOW at
gathering of officials in Washington, D.C.

YES! the Administrators who work in the GC offices NEED our intercession.
We need to pray that God WILL HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOULS!!

There are quite a number of BIG NAMES that I ALWAYS thought were wonderful,
God-fearing men, who tried to preach TRUTH and willing to point out SIN.
But for some reason, now that they are promoted, and working for President Wilson,
they have become DEAF AND DUMB of Voice.
SHAMEFUL!! And it is difficult to realize – maybe they were like this ALL THE TIME

(Elmer Cupino) #40

Am I getting too close for comfort?