Loma Linda University Church Discusses the GC’s Compliance Document

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In Psychology this is called Psychological Projection. Wikipedia defines it like this,

"Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting."

Doesn’t it really ring a bell?.. :wink:

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lol…at least a few tinkles. :wink:

(George Tichy) #63

I think the only efficacious remedy is transplant…
But, sometimes the Ego may be confused with the brain. Not sure there is remedy for a needy brain… :wink:

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Yet another potentially viable career in your future. :grinning:

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Dennis –
Actually I was agreeing with you, but with a different thought.
I was agreeing that a person – man or woman – who feels called to a certain
vocation SHOULD NOT allow themselves to be pressured to give it up just because
of the negative attitudes and behavior exhibited toward them by others.

Look at Francis of Assisi [1182-1226], barely 22 years of service in the Lord’s Vineyard
after he became converted. Giving up his family business, money, comforts. But LOOK
at what the WORLD gained because he did. His life is STILL encouraging persons to
join Christ in service – and this is 2018.-- 7 Centuries. And we STILL celebrate his life.
Look at what the WORLD would have lost if he had taken the PRESSURE and said NO
to God’s Spirit.
I have his prayer on my refrigerator and repeat it every day. Praying with him after
700 years.
Mother Theresa. What would have happened if all she did was look out her convent
window at the suffering ones in India outside her convent. And had NOT stepped out
the door to bring them a little food. The power of her influence would NEVER been
felt in the world.
What if Mary would have been intimidated by the men at table with Jesus, and never
broke the alabaster box of ointment on the skin of Jesus. This story has been told for
2000 years.
Men and Women all doing small acts. Growing into something that blesses the WORLD.

(Patrick Travis) #66

For a moment I thought you were talking about a guy who now lives in the WH… <<

George I appreciated you later bringing in Psychological Projection. What I have noticed over the last 2-3 yrs. those that OBSESSIVELY HATE that guy in the WH and his recently sworn in SCJustice is that they are so good at projecting THEMSELVES on others that sometimes they overplay their hand before realizing they are truly only talking about themselves. :wink: :wink:


Got it.

If I had listened to the ordained SDA male pastor in our county a few years ago, who said, “The Gospel Commission was given only to ordained ministers.” . . . Oh well, I didn’t. Because even by GC standards he was wrong.

Since then a woman who can’t read without falling asleep has listened to hundreds of CDs of books I’ve read to myself, and her . . . with pleasure ! Its like feeding the birds. Everyone wins.

(Phillip Brantley) #68

These are my observations of Dr. Paulien’s excellent Sabbath School presentation:

  1. I find it rather charming that after he implored us that we have misunderstood the document, he then in his explanation of the document demonstrates that we have perfectly understood the document from the very beginning.

  2. I disagree with the view that an impasse was inevitable in San Antonio in 2015. If Ted Wilson had chosen to act like the statesman he is supposed to be rather than an anti-WO agitator, the Third World delegates would have followed along and the vote would have passed by 80 percent. The agitation against WO is not from the Third World but from a marginalized and aggrieved non-scholarly minority in the NAD that Wilson represents.

  3. I disagree that the non-WO categories of concern are there for the purpose of fairness and even-handedness. In reality, those categories are there for the purpose of securing votes from delegates who are freaked out about evolution and LGBT issues, who would otherwise be appropriately cautious about the exercise of condign power in response to policy noncompliance.

  4. All of this hand-wringing and furrowing of the brow about policy noncompliance with respect to WO is ridiculous. The simplest and most accurate response of the GC would be to simply declare that ordinations of women are valid only in the unions in which those ordinations are conducted; a simple declaration that the GC does not recognize those ordinations is sufficient. We could then live with the tension until the issue is resolved sometime in the future, no doubt in favor of WO. Similarly, noncompliance with respect to non-WO matters can be handled administratively in a less threatening and less lawyerly basis as they have been handled for over 150 years.

(David R Larson) #69

I understand the situation as you do.

(Joselito Coo) #70

I watched live the second half of the Sabbath afternoon, 3:00 o’clock, panel. Towards the end, (1:41:00) Pastor Gilda Roddy asked the panel to suggest ways to “humanize” ourselves - those in the NAD who support W.O. in particular - before the rest of world in order to correct their mis-perception of “us” being intentionally non-compliant and rebellious.

Efforts toward putting a human face to names of GC officials might prove helpful as well, I believe. Thus my suggestion for the LLUC pastoral staff to extend an invitation to GC president Elder Ted Wilson. Presenters of the Sabbath afternoon panel may sound scholarly to some viewers. Still, I don’t see why Elder Wilson would not accept an invitation to sit with the same panelists and field questions from the same audience. Is there any harm in trying?
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(George Tichy) #71

I never had a doubt that you supported Donald Trump and all his actions/behavior/morality/corruption etc. Certainly a right you have, and it’s none of my business after all.

(jeremy) #72

one never knows and cannot know whether this isn’t happening under pseudonyms…i’ve had my strong suspicions that certain GC individuals have in fact commented on Spectrum, using a pseudonym…

(George Tichy) #73

Based on what we have seen, he is not a man who accepts being challenged by a live audience. His actions are more behind the scenes, manipulating all issues on the table, making sure he recruited the right people to support him no matter what,then just coming up with some plan already on the table for a vote.

Others’ opinions appear to be worthless to him. His is not the kind of personality that would come for an open debate to the SoCal area. Too many people around here who would easily "dare"to ask blunt questions. Based of my observation s in the past 8 years, this is not something that he can deal with.
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(George Tichy) #74

I am sure you are referring to some secret Jesuits, right Jeremy?.. LOL… :wink:

(Cfowler) #75

I don’t understand why you would say that a person who supports Trump, supports “all his actions/behavior/morality/corruption etc.” This is a very unfair statement.

This makes no sense…and you surely know that isn’t the case. Supporting a politician doesn’t mean you support everything about them.

(Patrick Travis) #76

I never had a doubt that you supported Donald Trump and all his actions/behavior/morality/corruption etc. Certainly a right you have, and it’s none of my business after all.<<
That’s correct George. I think of a biblical parallel. Those self righteous that wanted to stone the harlot had a much deeper soul problem. A deeper sin of hate, envy, maliciousness and strife. She “merely” had sins of the flesh.
I respect Psychiatry within it’s realm. But you may choose to read Menniger’s “Whatever became of sin.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Menninger
Things have drastically changed in Psychiatry over the last 45 yrs…not all for good. Some may need to heal themselves.

(George Tichy) #77

Difficult to understand that someone does not support what the man does, but supports the man anyway. Hmmm… it sounds a little disconnected to me.

I prefer to think that you were sarcastic about it but forgot to apply the emojis… :wink: :roll_eyes: :innocent:

(Cfowler) #78

Nope…not sarcastic at all.

We only have very imperfect candidates, two candidates, basically. So, if our only choices are two extremely flawed people, it doesn’t mean that we are okay with everything that person has said or done.

(Patrick Travis) #79

But then, the “deplorable Hillary” is ideal, Correct? My role model of a despicable person!

(Patrick Travis) #80

Moderator, I am only responding in the secular realm BECAUSE George chose to!