Loma Linda University Church Discusses the GC’s Compliance Document

(Johnny Carson) #81

Had you watched the whole weekend presentation closely you would have noted that there was, indeed, and effort made to invite top level GC supporters of the proposed document to appear, present the case from the other side, and humanize themselves, but for whatever reasons those efforts were not successful. You also would have noted that more than one of the panelists did indeed humanize more than once these same individuals.

(George Tichy) #82

Why would those individuals come to Loma Linda? To have their beards shaved??? LOL
They have the power, they already manipulated everything they could, they are just comfortably waiting for the “time of truth.” Hopefully the truth will be that the GC’s toxic plan will be defeated AGAIN!

Just imagine a KGC agent being shaved in LL before the AC!!! Not much exciting… :wink:

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(reliquum) #83

George, this is beyond bold. I would expect this from someone less capable of separating their personal vitriol from this public forum. Where is your expected and requisite christian collegiality? I’d suggest @webed take a peek at the demeanor exuding from your ruffled bonnet.


I was thinking that there might be a silver lining to the black cloud of the GC, WO, Disunity issue.

It could be a catalyst to cause a reformation in the impotent, irrelevant SDA denomination that has so many inept pstors & SS teachers.


Yes, you and all of the “likes” are clueless, even after I included 2 clues in the original post.

(Joselito Coo) #86

We don’t know if the GC president was one those they tried to reach. Did they, really? Elder Ted Wilson? If we were more affirming, less intimidating, prepared to have an open mind, not projecting our own fears of being contradicted, perhaps they (Elder Ted Wilson, in particular) might be more than willing to welcome the idea of joining the conversation in Loma Linda.
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Enfeebled and DEFECTIVE, needing CONSTANTLY to be warned and counseled, the church is nevertheless the object of Christ’s supreme regard.” 7T16

(George Tichy) #88

What are you talking about Timo? Anyone who watches the news on any channel must be enough informed about those facts on Donald’s conduct. I am not accusing him of anything, I am pointing out to what is public knowledge, what we see daily on the news.

For me his actions/behavior/morality/corruption are disgusting and I have no problem denouncing them. They are hurting people and the Nation - let alone the world. This is how I feel about what we see him doing and saying every day in the news. I am not creating the news, I am not picking the news I want. I base my feelings about him based on what I SEE HIM DOING/SAYING. What could possibly be wrong with that?

But, again this is the way I see it. I understand that there are many other people who prefer no to see it and just support the guy no matter what. I can’t do that.

(George Tichy) #89

Well, being clueless may also be a matter of pick & choose, right?

(George Tichy) #90

Well, honestly, I hope they didn’t invite those people, or if they did, I am glad none of them showed up. What could possibly those people contribute with?

Why am I saying this? Because what we have seen so far from that GC administration is enough to just ignore them and try to find a way to clean things up at the next election in 2020. We got what we got! And all with an early threat of “grave consequences” toward those exercising their legitimate right to vote according to thei consciences. This just to start with.

Don’t we all know enough about the way they operate and the goals they have on their agenda? What else do we want to hear from them, that we should pray more? :roll_eyes:

(Patrick Travis) #91

That’s fine George. I feel exactly the same about Hillary, the Dems on the Judicial panel and the present Democratic party in general! So, I guess we cancel out each other. :slight_smile: Fine with me. Guess the FBI didn’t find Kavanaugh was an alcoholic as sure as you were! :wink:


Do you mean to be such a Debbie Downer? How about some uplifting and affirming verbiage? We have critics galore. Where are the encouragers?

(Cfowler) #93

If you have something to say, say it. I don’t think most of us here are interested in playing games and following “clues”.

(Elmer Cupino) #94

Very good point. However in cases where two parties do not see eye to eye, the burden to make amends falls on the more senior party and in this case it is the GC president. This is where individual traits play a significant part. I have heard a number of reputable peers of our great leader TW that he lacks pastoral touch. He tends to be more of an administrator with a touch of a disciplinarian, a bad omen as a leader of a religious institution.

If I were TW, I’d schedule a visit with the SECC and beg to give a sermon at LLU church. Let them turn me down then I’ll go on a campaign. Can he do it? Does he have the capability to do it? Does he have the will? Until he does it, the answer will remain in the negative. The burden falls on him and he alone. Besides the chances of mortality is nil in this case so he should take the gamble “ for Christ.”

(Steve Mga) #95

Was Ellen describing Seventh day Adventist members of her day [1902]?
Or was Ellen describing the world-wide Christian church??
1902 was the next year after the 1901 reorganization where she was concerned
about the leaders desirous to act like KINGS instead of SERVANTS to the church.

(Elmer Cupino) #96

Thanks for your kind approach. In reality, if all students fail to understand the teacher every one should know where and who the problem is, and it is not the Russians.


Oh yeah…

The problem is being on the listening end of superficial, non-analytical, cradle roll level teachers


Attending SDA churches = playing church games

(Johnny Carson) #99

The way I read the applicable literature, game players are verging into the realms of personality disorder. Best not to encourage them, I think. They’ll play their games anyway but not interacting will rob them of material for their games :wink:

(Cfowler) #100

So, stop playing games here.