Loma Linda University Church Discusses the GC’s Compliance Document

(Cfowler) #101

You are soooo right.

I’ll do my best to stop the madness! :crazy_face:

(Johnny Carson) #102

Indeed! Had to laugh at his counsel to you that attending the sda church was playing games. He obviously doesn’t know who he’s conversing with :joy:

(Cfowler) #103

True…I was going to address that, but decided to leave it alone. :sunglasses:

(George Tichy) #104

Elmer @elmer_cupino gave you “a clue” on the issue, but you are being a bad student, by not listening… :wink:

(Elmer Cupino) #105

In other words, you are the opposite, an “authentic, methodical and a graduate level” professor. Are you aware that you keep on showing evidence of your psychological need to be recognized?

(Kim Green) #106

Perhaps he could develop an “Sabbath Friendly” board game of “Inspirational Clues”. :rofl:

(Kim Green) #107

Nope…and as long as he is “superior”…he is happy enough. We know that this “happiness” will only last as long as the ego is sufficiently “massaged”. :innocent:

(Cfowler) #108

Yes, the game that lasts for an eternity…because the clues never lead to an answer.

“The Eternal Sabbath Game of Clues”. :wink:

(Kim Green) #109

ROFL! You do not disappoint…you know the “game” well. :smiley:

Because, as well all know…you can never play the game “perfectly”, so the players strive for that “perfect” game for “eternity”. :innocent:


Or it could be “Adventist Monopoly.” You know, properties called Loma Linda Hospital, Florida Hospital, all the universities, etc. We could have “Get out of denominational employment FREE” cards. The pieces could be things like Stripples, the Fernando Stahl, the Great Controversy, and the Luzon. Exotic properties could include Pitcarin Island.

I’m getting carried away…

(Kim Green) #111

lol…maybe…but I love your style, harrpa! I am quite sure that it could be a big seller in time for Christmas at all of the ABCs. :wink:

(George Tichy) #112

I bet the LGTarians are not much amused by this game, uh?.. :innocent:

(Kim Green) #113

I would wager…not. :wink:

(Johnny Carson) #114

This is the main cause for the anger we see among LGTarians. They cannot play the game perfectly so instead of looking inward they take their disappointment and anger with themselves out on God’s “other” children.

(Kim Green) #115

You could have gone into the mental health field…great observation.

I remember the days when “perfection” seemed so desirable and so unattainable…with a critical POV on everything. Such a waste of time and spiritual energy. Glad that I have matured past that point and time.

(Johnny Carson) #116

Well, I spent enough time on the “therapist’s couch” to understand how y’all work! lol

(reliquum) #117

To suggest that you know “Patrick supports Trump” is one thing-
completely another that you as arrogantly as you did add that sophomoronic caboose
“and all his actions/misbehaviors/immorality/corruption”.

To feign innocent ignorance at being called on it?> Priceless.
That baggage laden and insulting comment of yours sure resembles Trumps twitter feed…
perhaps you ought focus on something else for a bit?
I expect better from you.

(George Tichy) #118

Oh, so you believe that those who support Trump are actually against his morality, his over 5,000 lies, and everything else? Seriously?
Convenient selectiveness???

(Spectrumbot) #119

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