Loma Linda University Health diabetes prevention program merits CDC recognition

Loma Linda University Medical Center’s Diabetes Treatment Center was recently awarded the prestigious Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognition for a quality diabetes prevention program, a designation that underscores the facility’s expertise in delivering a proven diabetes prevention lifestyle changes for patients.  

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All of this is NICE for the area of people served by Loma Linda University
But that is a VERY SMALL amount of persons compared even to the southern
half of California.
Does THIS make any difference to the SDA church at large in North America.
The Seventh-day Adventist church touts itself as promoting health – in its
Health Message. But very few inside the church, sitting in the pews, and NOBODY
outside the church know anything about it.
We no longer do Stop Smoking Seminars. There is a Reversing Diabetes program
that works developed by an RN here in TN not far from Chattanooga, but it is only
used very infrequently. And most churches DO NOT the 1st time.
So I don’t see where, other than an EGO TRIP FOR SDAs, that this will make a
difference for the North American churches at large.

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