Loma Linda University Health Officially Opens New Hospital

Loma Linda University Health officially opened the Dennis and Carol Troesh Medical Campus, home to a state-of-the-art adult hospital and Children’s Hospital tower expansion — a momentous occasion years in the making. Leaders celebrated with a jubilant ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, and patients officially moved in on Sunday.

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What a marvelous building! The cost vastly exceeded expectations, though. While we cheer, many administrators and employees quietly express fear that the University/Medical Center may not be able to pay for the debt. There is significant concern that the denomination will have to “bail out” the Medical Center somehow, or that it might have to merge with another Adventist health system, or that a “secular” hospital system might have to take it over. What a tragedy it will be if the denomination “loses” this great institution.

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I can assure you, from personal contact with the new children’s hospital CEO, that he is a dedicated and innovative business professional who will do his utmost to engage with the community, other hospitals, local non-profit clinics , and any other entities to make this hospital a success and a force for good in the region. Good leadership makes good, watch and see.

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I totally agree with you! My point was not that the leadership is not highly skilled and professional. It is!

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