Loma Linda University School of Medicine Alumnus Develops New Medication for Sickle Cell Disease

A new medication to treat symptoms of sickle cell disease, developed following 25 years of research by a Loma Linda University School of Medicine alumnus, has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the first new drug for the condition to receive FDA approval in nearly 20 years.

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this really is remarkable news…my understanding is that sickle cell trait is a genetic adaption in red blood cells to environments infested with plasmodium parasites that cause malaria, and that are transmitted by anopheles mosquitos…it would be interesting to know if endari affects the selective advantage someone with sickle cell trait has against contracting malaria…

Causes of Sicke Crisis: anything which causes an increase of stress could trigger a sickling crisis…

Infection. Dehydration, Less oxygen…flying, altitude , Medical procedures, birth, Strong emotions…anger, depression, Cold…moving too quickly from warm to cold.

Sometimes pre-op patients would be administered partial-exchange transfusion.

Very wonderful news re the

new medication…hope this helps.l.

Thank you for your dedication to those suffering from this disease. Why are we so quick to laud scientific discoveries like this, but on the other hand, so quick to deny scientific discoveries that don’t uphold our biblical interpretations?