Loma Linda University Starts LGBTQ Support Group (Education News Shorts)

Loma Linda University Starts LGBTQ Support Group. Loma Linda University Health’s Diversity Council has started a support group for LGBTQ students and employees. The group met for the first time on July 27 and will meet the fourth Thursday of each month. Jana Boyd, director of the Employee & Student Assistance Program, said the group was created “to help people who may be experiencing challenges with family relationships or work environments.”

Study: Adventist Students Have Better BMIs Than Peers. A study conducted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific shows that Australian adolescents who attend Adventist schools have body mass indexes between 5% and 18% lower than those in other Australian schools. The study will be published next month in the Journal of School Health. The study suggests a link between Adventist emphasis on holistic health and body mass. There was no discernable difference between vegetarians and non-vegetarians who attended Adventist schools. For more, see “Adventist Schools Get Health Tick.”

Oakwood University Names Cheri Wilson Advancement Director. Oakwood University announced the hiring of Mrs. Cheri Wilson as Executive Director for Advancement and development. Wilson follows Ms. Kisha R. Norris, who served the Advancement department for the past five years and who leaves to pursue a PhD. Wilson will be tasked with overseeing capital projects funding the university’s Health and Wellness Center, the complete renovation of Peterson Hall, the building of Oakwood’s endowment, and more.

Andrews University Trail Named One of Michigan’s Top Mountain Biking Spots. The Best Things Michigan website has named Andrews University’s eleven-mile singletrack trail the 7th best mountain biking spot in Michigan. Copper Harbor Trails, with its 35 miles of bike-worthy terrain, topped the list of nine woodland cycling destinations. For more, see “The 9 Best Mountain Biking Trails in Michigan!

Southwestern Celebrates 20,000th Dino Bone Discovery. Southwestern Adventist University held its annual dinosaur dig in Northeastern Wyoming during the month of June. During the dig, led by SWAU research professor Arthur Chadwick and other professors from Southwestern, Loma Linda University and Southern Adventist University, eleven-year-old Drake Smith of Burleson, Texas found the 20,000th officially documented dinosaur bone. “I was just so excited to find a bone that was a cool find, and it was the first one I dug up myself,” said Smith. “Then, I heard it was the 20,000th bone and I was super excited. I was really glad my dad was there and I got to help him with the dinosaurs.” For more, see “Southwestern Celebrates Milestone at Dinosaur Research Project Dig.”

Image Courtesy Loma Linda University Health.

Jared Wright is Southern California Correspondent for Spectrummagazine.org.

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The goal is to help.

What is the criteria for “help”?

Kudos to Loma Linda University for starting an OFFICIAL support group for their LGBT students – who on most Adventist campuses, academies/colleges/universities, are the most marginalized/demeaned/ denigrated group on campus.

As long as LGBT students on other Adventist campuses have to group meet sub rosa/covertly off campus, prospective LGBT Adventist students would be well advised to retain their self esteem/self worth and protect their pocket books from student debt, by enrolling in the nearest in-state-tuition public institution.

Our splendid Adventist filmmakers Daneen Akers and Stephen Eyers, who previously taught at PUC, have been black listed from Adventist hiring at college campuses, merely for compassionately expounding the pathetic plight of Adventist gays/lesbians in their superb film Seventh Gay Adventists.

This should send a significant signal to all prospective LGBT students on SDA campuses, that if Akers and Eyers are not welcome, then full inclusivity will not be extended to them either.

Self worth and self esteem are vital components for maturation from adolescence to adulthood. When your educational institution does not accord you full respect, you need to choose other vital options for your well being!

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i think this is a positive development…even if people who attend this group aren’t experiencing challenges with family relationships or work environments, it’s a good thing to socialize with other gays…it’s an opportunity to let one’s hair down, so to speak, and connect with others in a way you really can’t if you’re the only gay person in the group…perhaps this group can eventually be called a club, rather than a support group (which sounds a bit condescending)…

one of the good things i did for myself as a young person was to regularly attend the anglican church’s integrity meetings, and occasionally the catholic church’s dignity meetings…while none of the theology i heard ever rang true for me, i always knew i wasn’t there for the theology…i could see it was a good thing for me to socialize with other gay people in a non-sexual atmosphere…i think it’s important to have friends who understand and accept you while you’re figuring things out…but even after you’ve figured things out, it’s good to be at least occasionally in the gayborhood…in general, when gays have the opportunity to get together, i think they can come up with their own answers - if they feel they need them…i don’t think gays need straight people to help them with anything…

even though only one in three people in this survey reported being a vegetarian, i think the important thing to note is that all the adventist schools studied serve only vegetarian choices in their cafeterias, and some enforce the eating of fruit and vegetable snacks during recess…i think it’s the greater consumption of fruits and vegetables at school that’s causing the lower BMI’s…


Re Southwestern Adventist University and its dinosaur finds:

Some years ago while visiting my London grandchildren, I took them to a special exhibit of dinosaurs at the London Museum of Natural History.

The tiny tots were dwarfed by the gigantic skeleton of Tyranonsaurus Rex, standing almost three stories high and forty feet long,

It’s four foot long jaws were armed with sharp foot long carnivorous teeth, for tearing flesh. Its feet were clawed with huge tearing talons. We were told that its huge tail was capable of eviscerating any nearby animal/human with one lash!

We were also informed that this lethal killing machine was so vicious and voracious that humans and dinosaurs could never have co-existed ---- humans would have become EXTINCT.

QUESTION: Of the 20,000 dinosaur bones discovered by Adventist students, how many are thought to be vegetarian dinosaurs, and how many are vicious predatory carnivorous killers?

QUESTION : If the latter, how is it explained to students that these beasts could only have existed PRIOR to humankind, never simultaneously, which destroys the Biblical creation story?

QUESTION: Since only God is the creator, and we are told Satan has ZERO creative powers, why would a loving God have created such lethal vicious violent creatures? GO FIGURE,

The creating of Dinosaurs(and many other such violent and/or poisonous creatures is a complete waste of time. As the authentic storylines of ancient times say, scientists in “heaven” started to experiment with creation of life forms in heaven, and trying to outdo each other in pushing the envelope. At one time some of these awful creatures escaped and even killed some people. The scientific grloup as a whole wasd BANISHED from heaven and told to go elsewhere with their experiments where the only lives in danger woukld be their own. The scientists , eager to continue with their DNA experiments then searched the galaxy until they found our planet ,. It was empty but covered with water. They terraformed it while living in their Spaceships and then started to build a creation of life ecology from one-celled creatures to animal life vegetation and so on. They also found MUCH precious metals including gold which was prized in heaven since it was used to “Bend space-time” and for interdimensional travel. The scientists were forgiven and Yahweh came to eartnh to superv ise their behaviour , and to ensjure that the gold was properly loaded and transported to 'Heraven" Man was created , ortiginally to work in the African gold mines and when he had proven himself successful human wortkers swere demanded to help work in the agricultural projects further up north in the Edin steppes or grassland . The rest is history. Thanks be to Yahweh.