Losing the Plot

As I said in my reply to you, it’s not just a Sunday law. It’s the added idea that people will hunt down Adventists to kill them. And, that the whole of end time events revolve around going to church on Saturday or Sunday. And, that it all revolves around Adventists.

I do believe that there are conspiracies. It’s just bizarre that people who belong to a church based on the above mentioned conspiracy narrative, are always condemning and ridiculing others who believe that there actually are conspiracies in this world.


What exactly happened on Jan 6th? A bunch of people went sight seeing at the Capitol, taking selfies it seems , now that a judge forced the “justice” department release the videos from inside the building. Looks like a senior-citizens tourist trip to the capitol. Wonder why the administration didn’t want to release the tapes… hardly another 9/11 or a Japanese Imperial Navy attack at Pearl Harbor.

Yes, one person was killed - an unarmed woman by a trigger happy DC police with a record.


Because the idea of a national or even international Sunday law with a death penalty attached to it through the collusion of the papacy, Protestant churches, and the U.S. government is far different from having unenforced Sunday laws on the books. Additionally, if it is to be internationally relevant, and not just confined to one country as the locus of the spiritual fate of the whole world, is it really believable to think that Sunday laws will be imposed in Saudi Arabia or Indonesia, or Yemen? How about upon 1.4 billion people in China or 1.1 billion in India? In what universe is this believable?

And, how do orthodox and Hasidic Jews factor into this? Will they be persecuted for sabbath observance? If so, that would mean that the issue of allegiance is centered on law/Torah, and not Jesus as messiah and lord.

Just from a practical standpoint, the Adventist scenario is a loony conspiracy theory. Never mind the entire misreading of biblical apocalyptic in which it engages and upon which it builds its eschatology.

And, please spare the comparisons with 1/6. Hate mongering, conspiracy theory laced media was building this climate for years. Trump lit the match for those who were immersed in such rhetoric. In some ways, the Civil War never ended. It was surprising, but not without factors building towards such. There is nothing comparable indicating that we are moving towards a death decree for sabbath keepers. Nothing.



Yikes! Tongue in cheek, right?

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Are you being serious? What about the video of what was happening outside the building by rioters to get in? What about lawmakers of both parties going into hiding for fear for their lives? What about the evidence of defacement of the building, and even defecation inside of it?

Have you watched any of that video? Does that seem like a mere tourist trip?


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Deficating in the capitol - while unpleasant, is a far cry from Pearl Harbor or 9/11 where 3,000 people died. Not to mention the numbers who died in the riots in Minnesota and Oregon thanks to BLM and the other gangs.

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It was a riotous assault on Congress in session as they were doing the legitimate business of the people in certifying the election. It was based on the perpetuation of a lie by a narcissistic man who couldn’t accept losing. He has a following that was only too eager to seize on that to justify what they planned to do. Lawmakers were in hiding, fearing for their lives. A gallows was erected as they were searching for the VP in order to hang him.

This is commonly called sedition. Comparing numbers of dead to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor is a strawman. Ignoring abundant video evidence of the day’s proceedings that have been in the public domain, is also less than genuine.


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Yes, absolutely crazy that the FBI inspired and led people who should have been smarter than to act like the rioters in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, etc. And it is even crazier that the Capitol protesters have been arrested and not released like the thugs in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, etc. So crazy that we have a corrupt FBI who would setup such an act. The Capitol police should have warned before they broke in and shot the first ones that began breaking the windows, just like they should have done in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, etc. I am sure the rioting would have stepped back into the protesting mode like we have the freedom to do. Peace with strength could easily have been obtained. Protesters would have seen the line that they dare not cross and respect would have been learned.

I don’t care how many nooses were set up, we don’t place people in prison without trial for stuff that looks like they were GOING to do. On the other hand, a whole host of people got a pass after burning and looting other people’s businesses and homes, going about their regular lives but were made homeless and loosing their livelihoods - and people actually died.

A number of people were imprisoned for rioting - without a trial - and on mere supposition. It was a huge political over-reaction by one narcissistic group over another. But to characterize it with the superlatives that are being used, is too obvious for the intent. It minimizes what happened at 9/11 and dishonors the Americans who died at Perl Harbor.


If you have imformation links on the Covid vaccines could you please pass them on? Thank you in advance

Be that as it may…you described it as a sight seeing tour. I like a lot of what you share. You missed the boat with this description.

The video evidence shows a riot outside the Capitol. The purpose was to subvert and essentially overturn the results of a legitimate election, and the peaceful transfer of power. That’s sedition. It strikes at the very heart of our republic. Without such transfer we have nothing but a banana republic.

Sight seeing tour?


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This link has talking points of the interview with Karen Kingston. She and Dr. Judy Mikovits show up quite often on Frankspeech.com. Many try to downplay their credibility but after seeing the results in the past many months their truths have come to fruition. Mikovits has a couple of books that contain tremendous information from what I hear in the interviews. I rarely have or take the time to sit down and read entire books because I am quite busy with active tasks at home and away from home. I listen on Libby while I drive.

Frank, if you’ve ever seen how the sausage is made—or in this case, how film footage can be shot and stories can be edited—I’d suggest you’d be a little more judicious in your remarks and might even give some people the benefit of a doubt rather than buying into the narrative of the talking heads.

I was vacationing with my family on the Outer Banks of NC one summer when a medium strength tropical storm went through. Most of the damage was minimal or cosmetic but four or five fishing cottages that had been teetering on their pilings for years went into the surf.

But when the news guy showed up, where do think they parked their trucks and in which direction do you suppose the cameramen aimed their lens? We also listened to the reports later that evening and to hear The Weather Channel’s version, one might have been convinced that mile-long stretches of the barrier islands had been overtopped by the tidal surge!

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I’ve found Dr. Sam Bailey and the Unherd Website on YouTube to be very objective but they are constantly at risk of being “taken down” for alleged “misinformation”.

Off-gaurdan.org is an excellent counterpoint to the UK’s “real” Guardian. :rofl:

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Have you seen the video when the crowd entered the building? They meandered around taking pictures. Has anybody been charge with sedition or insurrection? The outside of the building didn’t look half as bad as the pictures from this summer.

There’s a lot to be answered for - like what were FBI agents doing there, dressed in black, mingling with the insurrectionists., etc. I don’t trust any of them. It’s one big political chess game.


Also City Journal has good information. The mainstream media slants their coverage. And also their reporting of Covid cases and deaths etc. I don’t know if any of you know this, but only 440 or so children have died out of 48 million. Covid does not even penetrate the top 10 deaths for children each year.
However, even the more right leaning media can give a false picture. So one must make oneself knowledgeable. To take, however, the New York Times,and the Washington Post, as always reliable, is to swallow a camel.

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Hmmm. How is it that you see it so starkly evil, and others see it as a tourist stroll?

I think that is because the crowd had different agendas, and the Democrats watching saw an opportunity to smear Trump and the Republican party. Yes there are people just strolling through the capital taking selfie’s, there are a few there more serious about the matter.

However the government has only been able to prosecute and get convictions on minor offenses. Trespassing, parading. These offenses are not the type that topple the government. So I think your rhetoric is a little bit overblown. And certainly this riot did not reach the seriousness of the summer riots were places were burned people were killed and shops destroyed.

I drove through Minneapolis after the riots and saw burnt buildings and boarded up shops. This was not in the more wealthy part of town, but the ghetto. It was the friends of George Floyd whose livelihoods were destroyed by these supposed supporters. And irony for sure.


I thoroughly researched this crazy idea some time back. I will just share what I learned here.

Seems like debunking and fact checking all of the COVID-19 vaccine and public health information out there is like playing Whack-a-mole. Here is yet another conspiracy theory, that when you know the science, is almost laughable, and yet people are believing it. Here is the claim:

Vaccine manufacturers are putting graphene oxide into their vaccines. Depending on who is making the claim it varies from certain vaccines like Pfizer or Moderna, or all vaccines for those who have really swallowed this one. The claims have been fact checked and so far there is no evidence that graphene oxide, which those touting this conspiracy claim say is included so that those injected can be connected to the Internet and controlled by persons unknown. There are also claims being made that because graphene is so toxic it is being used to poison people, thus the rumors of widespread deaths among those vaccinated (I am still live and well, BTW, after receiving both doses of the Moderna vaccine several months ago, as is my wife who received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine).

The supposed evidence for the presence of graphene comes from two sources:

  1. A lab in Spain that tested a single vial of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine of “unknown origin” (that goes by the brand “Cominarty” in the EU) with two types of microscopes. The vial was sent to him by “messenger service”. In his report, Campra Madrid said he compared images of this vaccine liquid under the microscopes with images of graphene oxide published in scientific journals. He concluded that they looked similar.

  2. A claim by Karen Kingston, a former employee at Pfizer, who claims to have documents proving Pfizer adds graphene oxide to its vaccines.

A vial of vaccine of unknown provenance looked at under a microscope by a scientist in a Spanish lab, without further corroboration (and keep in mind, this scientist has not published this in a peer-reviewed journal) or chemical analysis, hardly constitutes proof that Pfizer puts graphene oxide in their vaccines. Plus, even if the vial he analyzed does contain it, he has no guarantee the vial was not tampered with by whoever sent it to him, since he does not know where the vial came from.

In the claim by Karen Kingston the supposed paper proof of her claims requires a string of assumptions and most who have tried to follow her logic are just baffled.

One also needs to test claims for feasibility, as well. Does the conspiracy theory hold together logically, or IOW, would it even be worth doing what is claimed. If there is no payoff why bother. It should also be noted, that any conspiracy that involves multiple companies cooperating to carry out the conspiracy makes it very unlikely. Such cooperation among real people in such large numbers is essentially impossible.

Remember, the main reason given by those making these claims is that the graphene oxide is included so that people who are injected can be connected to the Internet so they can be controlled? I don’t care how much graphene you inject into someone, or even if you paint a part of their brain with the stuff we do not have the technology to connect a person to the Internet (presumably the claims assume some sort of wireless method of connection, which is even more ludicrous). A graphene film is an extremely good conductor, but it has no microprocessing or wireless signal transduction capabilities, and even if it did, we do not currently possess anywhere near the capabilities needed for a brain-to-computer interface of the sort being suggested in the claims. So, since this is the case, what would be the point of including graphene oxide in the vaccines?

Secondly (since poisoning people is another claim as to why graphene oxide has been put in the vaccines), at the concentrations that are claimed by Karen Kingston to be in the vaccine, the graphene oxide would have no toxic effect whatsoever. Toxicity studies have been done on graphene oxide in rats (a fairly good way to determine whether something might be toxic in humans), and significant toxic effects are not observed until after four repeated injections every 48 hours at a dosage of 500 mg/kg, and even then the rats were not dying from it, they were just showing negative health indications. Lower dosages than this showed mild effects only. To put this in perspective, for a typical adult female weighing 120 pounds (54.4 kg), this would mean receiving injections of 27.2 grams (0.95 oz.) of graphene oxide every other day four times, for a total amount of graphene oxide injected being 108.8 g (3.8 oz or about 1/4 lb). That is a lot of graphene!! So, suffice it to say, graphene is toxic, but not at any kind of levels that could even be included in a vaccine if that were the only ingredient in the vaccine, considering that the injected volume is 0.5 ml (0.03 oz).

So, my conclusion? The presence of graphene oxide in vaccines makes no sense whatsoever. It would not accomplish anything for the supposed conspirators behind adding it, and even if they have added it it is at a low enough concentration to be completely harmless.

So, get vaccinated, folks and quit getting distracted by the next conspiracy theory about how terrible the vaccines are. The vaccines work, and if we hope to defeat this virus, or at least control it reasonably well, we all need to be vaccinated. Get vaccinated for your own sake and for the sake of the rest of us.






This is patently false. Biden said he did not trust Trump with the vaccine, he did not say he did not trust the vaccine. Big difference there. Source: PolitiFact | Biden, Harris distrusted Trump with COVID-19 vaccines, not the vaccines themselves

Your points 2 & 3 are a mixture of accurate and inaccurate information for which I will not take the time to explicate, but I suggest everyone be cautious accepting statements like this at face value. Masking at all ages has proven benefits, as a number of peer-reviewed studies have found. Source: https://www.pnas.org/content/118/4/e2014564118

Oh, and let me add a more recent compilation of more recent peer-reviewed studies on masking effectiveness: https://www.kxan.com/news/coronavirus/do-face-masks-work-here-are-49-scientific-studies-that-explain-why-they-do/


I look forward to the day when left wingers stop trying to lump everyone who questions the liberal agenda in with people who wear tin foil hats, scour the Northwest for Big Foot scat and think the world is shaped like a frisbee.

This lazy, guilt by association “reasoning” does nothing to address legitimate questions and concerns that have been raised about the science and politics involved in the vaccine’s approval; concerns which are also left unresolved simply because you’re convinced that you’ve thoroughly debunked exactly one of those issues.

Unfortunately this fallacious debating style is all the rage these days, though, and is unlikely to run its course until the left finds a “real” conspiracy they can get behind.

Perhaps like the unproven assertion that January 6th—instead of being a protest that got out of hand like so many other protests in the months leading up to it—was really the tip of a big, secret plot to overthrow the government…:rofl: