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That’s why voting intelligently can be an antiracist activity too. :smiley:


This is something easier said than done when it comes to local, non metropolitan area races for such things as judge, DA, Sheriff, etc., even the mayor. My experience is the candidates for these offices seem to purposely obscure who they are and what they stand for. They seem to rely solely on the down home, good ole’ boy network to get them elected, which can make it difficult to cast an informed vote.

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Totally agree. This means that most communities are in need of someone to do investigative research on people running for these offices. There are some organizations that coordinate that kind of research, but I cannot recall their names at the moment. I seem to recall an episode of “Last Week Tonight” that talked about that issue. Also, if more voters were to demand more transparency, we would be more likely to get it. One of the needed reforms in law enforcement is transparency, and the law the House just passed would make strides there, one being a national registry to track police misconduct. More details are here:

The bill, no surprise, is currently DOA in the Senate. I sure wish real and needed police reforms were not such a partisan issue. :cry:


Arkdrey, I think it would be helpful to either explain more specifically what you see as “Marxist ideology.” Firstly, labels come loaded with implications that can immediately end discussion (I don’t believe that was your intent :slightly_smiling_face:). Marxism, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, etc. all seem to draw lines in the sand that no one wants to cross. Secondly, labels tend to be rather broad, encompassing a variety of issues, and many of these issues can themselves exist as a continuum.

Take, for example, conservative Adventist vs liberal Adventist. I really can’t identify with either. I find myself to be considered very conservative on certain points, but quite liberal on others. And a general continuum, placing me somewhere near the middle, doesn’t capture the reality with respect to each issue.

So I would be greatly benefited if you could identify the specific objectives or policies that BLM is promoting that are considered most objectionable.



It’s not something that I just figured out in some conspiracy theory way on which people see Marxism everywhere.

BLM founders actually openly admit that they are trained Marxists and follow Marxist ideology:

BLM uses Marx class narrative which was recast into intersectional identity struggle in the West.
Since Marxism failed in the West as a class appeal, it was recast into various chunks of identity struggle to appeal to individual groups.

I’m not exactly sure what you asking above though? Are you asking which elements of BLM movement are ideologically driven by Marxism?

If so, the core of Marxism ideology I’d about class struggle with division between a privileged class that own means of production, and a class of exploitators that exploit and thus oppress them. Essentially, the concept of White Privilege is a Marxist ideology applied to race struggle in the US. White oppressors become the new bourgeoisie class, and black victims are the new proletariat.

One of the major mechanisms for ending oppression was thought to be dissolution of Western family ideals. Marx though that the family structure in the West is a major problem in class disparity because it allows people to pass and accumulate generational wealth, exacerbating the class disparity. BLM is explicitly for removing Western family model as standard.

Most of the language of BLM is structured through the lens of identitarian class struggle.


What is happening is democracy in reverse,
cultural codependency on steroids,
and erasure of history to try have a better tomorrow.

In the very first sentence the author tips their freudian slip-
if stats are used to build on premise that black people being more susceptible to covid19 is somehow a function and fault of white supremacy, we have systemic myopioa, not racism.

Note-stats are not permitted to intelligently discuss black on white or black on black crime.
Cop on black crime is reprehensible-AND comparatively miniscule-BUT is useful to those who would stop at nothing.

Chaos-anarchy-yes, these are very biblical.
To steal what another man built, to eat what another man grew, to take what another man saved, yes, these too the social justice warriors justify. Totally biblical, right?

Lets reward the looter, punish the church goer, saddle the studious, laud the miscreants.
Sounds like a recipe for heaven.

Can you surmount the sarchasm?
Is irony your sole mettle?


I find this statement ironic.

Jesus said to Pilate that his kingdom was not of this world. He did not move against Roman slavery or oppression. Paul encouraged submission to the ruling authorities.

BLM is political movement, even based on Marxism, an atheistic worldview. Arkdrey has a point.


Actually, racism only exists within a small percentage where I have been in this nation. And as racism has had its dying moments there is one political and hypocritical party that wants to keep it alive. When opportunity arises they poke and prod within the media to reach the unthinking population, you know, the ones that overreact and resort to vandalism, looting, injuring, and killing. The ones that do not want to hold an occupation that contributes to our society but instead pursue illegal activities, avoid education from as early as 5th grade, want others including the government to give, give, give to them. All lives matter. We all have the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness,…for now anyway. The most unfortunate are all families that have an absent parent and that can be any ethnicity, but also the American Indigenous.

If we took you at an early age and placed you as one of these kids… in that environment. How do you think you would turn out?


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