Make a Joyful Noise: Adventist Musician Network Stirs Up the Status Quo


Get rid of most of the praise music (most is called boring music by me and my wife) Borrow Adventist musicians from other SDA churches and even nonsda churches. Most ministers cant preach well, so without good music what do we have?? Not much.

(Johnny Carson) #42

You’d have a really tough time then with “Bringing in the Sheaves” or the “Hallelujah Chorus” then, @GeorgeTichy :hushed::stuck_out_tongue:

(George Tichy) #43

I can relate to this situation. Since my childhood I was exposed to classic music and traditional church music. I participated in the school’s church’s choir, a big and vibrant group (60 people +) that executed great musical works.

I also played cello in the school’s orchestra while in HS and College (same school, in Brazil). When I was in the 3rd year of college (School of Theology), for over a year I conducted the choir at a church in the vicinity of the school (SDA University in São Paulo, now the largest SDA University in the world) as part of my musical education and training.

So, no wonder that with such a background, it’s much easier for me to relate to music that has meaningful lyrics and a defined melody than to some song that repeats “I love Jesus, I love Jesus” 13 times (plus a bonus of 5 extra times by the leader’s call), at a sound of a guitar emitting just chords instead of being really played. “Quality” is a true value in music too.

(George Tichy) #44

Well John, there are certainly times when I just listen to it. Many times I can endure it…, but I must confess that it is a sacrifice to even listen to that nonsense. Especially when they keep the congregation standing for 15 minutes singing those musically poor songs. Nowadays I already quit the “standing” part of it; I just sit down - and so far nobody reprimanded me for doing it. :wink:

(Kim Green) #45

Tis true, George…but there are more contemporary music types that DON’T lull one into a stupor. :wink:

(Kim Green) #46

I suppose that your age they might give you a “senior pass” for not standing…lol

(Johnny Carson) #47

Stupor? That’s not what I experience. It’s the sudden urge after about the 18th repeat of the same three words to run screaming from the room tugging fruitlessly on my ears in the vain hope to make it stop! :pleading_face:

(Kim Green) #48

ROFL…I DO know the feeling! On the positive side, repetitive phrases make it easy to memorize. :wink: :rofl:

(George Tichy) #49

And I love them. There are many gospel musics/songs that are vibrant, inspiring, and well written. I don’t like boring, slow songs, I prefer those “go, go go” ones that really keep you awake.

But those “one sentence fills all stanzas”…oh boy, I can’t take those.

(Kim Green) #50

“Death by repetition.” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(George Tichy) #51

HaHa, that’s exactly what I expect happens in those occasions. I also have that …, hmmm…, let’s call it back pain… LOL

(George Tichy) #52

If they perform those songs in Russia, people will think that it’s the KGB torturing them again… :rofl:

(Kim Green) #53

One person’s “torture” is another’s “character developer”…okay, I will admit it…they can be one and the same. :rofl:

(George Tichy) #54

Are you now talking about the POTUS as a “character developer?” He is a torture to many of us… All the same???.. :open_mouth:

(Kim Green) #55

You never do disappoint! :grin:

(Sarah Sulton) #57

We believe that our Musician-Singers sing rather well. Let us know what you think…

(Sarah Sulton) #58

I apologize for just now seeing your question and concern. I think that you are confusing the Spotify Playlist, which is for those who are professional recording artists, with the musicians who play for the local churches, both of who are included in our membership.The Adventist Musician Network is very diverse and the musicians most definitely include traditional musicians! The performance musicians play the piano and many the organ.

Our hymnal project will be comprised of traditional music from all over the world…The contemporary songbook project is separate and will begin later in 2019.

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