Making Resolutions in Your Own Armor

Looking to others can be inspirational at times. Having role models and representation can show us what’s possible. It can spur us on to stretch ourselves and pursue our dreams! But the flip side is that we sometimes look at the lives of others, see what they are doing, and attempt to emulate something that God never intended for us.

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Well said. Some of us have taken a long time to learn about our own armor, but we’re getting there.

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The other side of the coin - trying to recapture the past.

Living encompasses change. No living thing remains the same throughout its lifetime - physical changes, of course, but equally necessary are changes in outlook and perspective. We marry, we become parents, grandparents; changes in our life’s work and retirement, all give us different perspectives and lifestyles. It can be exciting or it can be debilitating and it can be scary. We can’t help changing. The direction of changes depends on what we put into our lives on a daily basis -there are choices to be made, as this article describes.

There are people in my orbit who yearn to be back in time when the future looked exciting, or at least full of hope for things not yet accomplished, but now have turned a bit foggy. They can’t see down the road as clearly as they thought they could when they were younger. That is a fallacy. The future has always been foggy; and it’s been my experience that plans never work out exactly as planned, BUT, the outcomes, for the most part, have been far better than those that were planned. That reminds me that - “All things work together for good for them that love God.” Therein is our prescribed focus for success.


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