Marking Pride Month with LGBTQ News from around Adventism

As the world celebrates Pride Month, we turn our attention to a few current events concerning the LGBTQ Adventist community. The Adventist Church has long wrestled with questions of identity and inclusion, often leading to a division of opinions among members and within leadership. While progress toward official inclusion and growth in empathy and grace seem slow, we can also celebrate the steps that the church has taken toward equality.

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Thank you for this well researched article. The silence of the institutional church in relation to the changes to the law in Uganda which were supported by local church leaders is deafening. I continue to be amazed at the extent of the denominational hypocrisy.

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“Where is our Abraham?”

I apologize…I must not be looking at your reply the right way. What do you mean by your comment?

My reply seems to have limits to words. In brief, Genesis 18:23-33. Many ministers today pass judgment rather than pleading to God as Abraham did.

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This song, “All Are Welcome”, should be a part of every SDA Christian church:

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Many thanks to MoCoExPat for introducing me to this wonderful, so appropriate song.

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