Mentorship: The Missing Link

“How much is it going to cost?” This was the slightly unexpected response to my idea of starting a mentorship program at my church.

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This is an important article, so on the ball, and the issue is really significant. Adventism encourages us to think doctrinally, in terms of categorical statements. We have formed cliques according to our interests, often because we enjoy discussion of intellectual issues and Adventist quirks. We have been taught, and often give credence, to “the Adventist message (must be taken) to the world in our generation.” Two current articles here are together important: does Adventism have anything interesting to say? Indeed, how important is it to take that message to others? The belief that it is has driven generations of Adventists to sacrifice to do so. If not so important, is our community worth inviting people into? And do we really want to risk disturbing our cliques if newbies start coming? To what extent are we ready to embrace them? Too often newcomers leave, feeling that they do not fit in, have not been embraced. But if new people do not come and stay, our churches will wither away, and so many of them are already doing.

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