Messages to Wrong People

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Wait, is Doug Batchelor on deck in the Enterprise?

But seriously, is this version of Adventist eschatology some type of pre-trib, non-secret rapture escapism? "We got ours sucka. Oh, you didn't respond to the evangelistic flyer you got in the mail, well, we tried to appeal to both your aesthetic sense and fear of the unknown. Can't win'm all. Watch out for the ro. . ."

But hey, at least Jesus comes back rainbow positive. . .and, oh yeah, old people will look like their grandchildren. . . the ultimate nip/tuck? Oops, sorry mother earth, you have to wait a thousand years for yours.

Yeah, it all makes sense now: I guess since God killed only the wicked in the past and will do the same in the future - we humans have got to pick up the slack these days.

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