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Meet Pastor Rochelle Webster, a current Time for Equality in Adventist Ministry (TEAM) scholarship recipient. TEAM is a private organization supporting the ordination of candidates to pastoral ministry regardless of gender, race, or social class. Visit to learn more about the organization and how you can contribute to TEAM’s support of women in pastoral ministry.

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An initial step in dealing with this issue may be that of informing the general SDA population of the role that women had in the development of our denominational life, as probably few of us are informed. I consider myself to be well informed. But, the articles in the current issue of Adventist Today have provided me with more information of which I was not aware. Adventist Today is making that critical issue available to the general public. I recommend that all interested people go to the following website to request access to that issue.


The Gospel message in its basic form says, “whosoever, come”; and for those who answer the call was given the task, “go into all the world”. From this, we must conclude that the “whosoever” are qualified to spread the Gospel. If the church isn’t inclusive enough to give that message, what else is there to love about it?

There is another saying, “Your actions speak louder than your sermons.”


Blessings on your ministry, sister and colleague.

Just curious - in my world a scholarship is used for some kind of continued study - or is it for previous achievements? Would love to hear more about the diverse gifts, abilities and accomplishmens.

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