Michael Chamberlain Memorial: Time to Say Sorry to a Decent Man

The memorial service for an Avondale alumnus at the center of one of Australia’s most publicised legal cases may lead to a formal apology for wrongful conviction. Michael Chamberlain and then wife Lindy were charged—she with murder, he with being an accessory after the fact—and convicted after the disappearance of their nine-week-old daughter, Azaria, at Uluru on August 17, 1980. They were exonerated in 1988. Twenty-four years later, a fourth—and final—coroner’s inquest found the cause of death: Azaria had been attacked and taken by a dingo.

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I remember reading about this case in the news paper. As a young mother at the time I felt that there was no way these parents could have harmed their own child. It made the news all over the world. I felt, at the time, that the government was railroading them. It’s a terrible shame that it took them so long to realize they were innocent. Rest in peace, Dr. Chamberlain. God knew the end from the beginning.


Like wise, I to remember this story. It was his time of trouble . Who would had believed him.! He had to carry this pain. Friends turned away. Shame rested upon him, and all he had was his faith and trust in God to hold on to .Truly, This will be our experience during the time of trouble .All earthly support withdrawn, we are left to stand alone before the court ,guilty as proven by man , but in the eyes of God, a pillar of faith and trust. Oh, that this would be our own personal testimony. His relationship with Jesus before these events carried him through. When will God call upon us individual to take the same stand as Michael ? I don’t know you, but I must say sorry for all the pain and hurt that you felt in this life . For Jesus, Eternal Life is cheap enough . Thank-you for a life well lived. See you in heaven.

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