Michigan Conference Elects New President Jim Micheff

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The Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has announced its new president will be Elder Jim Micheff. The announcement from the Michigan Conference follows in full below:

This morning Elder Jim Micheff, formerly the executive secretary of the Michigan Conference, accepted the invitation to serve as president of the Michigan Conference.

The process for selecting the new president in this context—as stated in the constitution—calls for the nominating committee from the past constituency to coordinate with the current executive committee, under the chairmanship of the Lake Union president. Elder Maurice Valentine presided over the meetings.

The committees met over two Sundays on January 21 and 28, to best assure sufficient time and a thoughtful, prayerful process. This past Sunday, the decision was made to extend an invitation to Elder Jim Micheff. As stated, he prayerfully accepted.

Elder Micheff entered the ministry as a pastor for the Rocky Mountain Conference in 1994. After several years, he accepted a call to pastor for the Michigan Conference in 1996. In 2000 he was invited to serve as director of the youth department and served in that capacity for about seven years. In 2007, he became the executive secretary for the Michigan Conference.

We thank God for His guidance and leading in the selection process, and we welcome our new president.

Former Michigan Conference President Jay Gallimore announced his retirement in December.

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We are blessed in Michigan!


The word I’ve received is this is an interim assignment until the constituency meeting.

(Wes Peppers) #5

What you heard is not correct. He is the official president, not interim. There will be a constituency meeting this fall, but there is no interim until that time. The election followed the by-laws as set by the Conference Constituency to elect an official president.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #6

An in house choice. No policy change.?


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(Kevin Barrett) #8

Policy change? - The nominating committee followed the by-laws set forth by the conference constituency. The Lake Union president oversaw the process. Candidates were considered from within and outside the MI Conference. I was there.

(Joselito Coo) #14

I’m guessing what was probably meant by “policy change” has more to do with the new conference president’s vision and leadership style compared to his predecessor.

(R.P. McMurphy) #15

Will George Knight’s books have a window display at the local Michigan SdA ABC?

Or only available in the back room by special request with name, address, phone # and email?


Will the Andrews University and Theological School, be shackled, hampered and embarrassed by this new Michigan Conference president, as they were with the old?

It is an indictment of the faculty and the administration of Andrews that they tolerated the previous pernicious president for so many decades, without any seeming attempt to oust him.

This is a besmirchment /blemish on a campus which we the congregants trust to train our future pastors!

Response to drhoads:
I am well aware that Andrews is a GC institution.

However, Pioneer Memorial Church, and the other Adventist churches in the greater Berrien Springs area, are, surely, part of the Michigan Conference?

Unless faculty, staff, students at Andrews, have retained their membership in other states, they are all
de facto members of the Michigan Conference.

Since the Andrews Adventist ghetto, has such a huge population of SDAs, their voting power in the Michigan Conference constituency has to be significant.

So I do hold the Andrews Michigan Adventists ACCOUNTABLE for having tolerated their pernicious president, Jay Gallimore for so long!

(Drhoads) #17

Andrews is not a Michigan Conference institution, although the Pioneer Memorial Church on its campus is. It’s a GC institution, so while its administration may be influenced by the Conference, the Conference can’t tell it what to do!

You are quite right, Robin, about the influence the Michigan Conference has on Andrews. But there are ways to be at Andrews and not in the Michigan Conference. One is to join a nearby church in the Lake Region Conference (yes, they take in white people). Another option is to join an Indiana church, though that takes a bit of travel. Students for whom travel may be more than a nuisance have the option to leave their membership wherever they came from.

(Dan Springer) #19

the quickest way is to vote with the Tithe. The Bible says we must return a faithful tithe, yet allows us as individuals to decide which conference (making the assumption that the Tithe MUST be returned to the church) to entrust the tithe to.

(Sherlock1) #20

So, I am assuming that no qualified woman could be found?


We are indeed blessed at the Michigan Conference. God is leading this conference in a mighty way to bring our church back to where it needs to be. With Elder Jim Micheff as President, and ministries such as the Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism, we are certainly on the right path. My prayers will be continually with our conference and its various ministries, as well as all of our leaders. My prayer is also that I will be as actively involved as God leads me to be, as I want to do my part to share Christ with others, and to hasten His return. Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

(George Tichy) #23

Just curious: Is the Michigan Conference changing course in any way from what Gallimore what doing, or just staying course?