Mid-America Union Discusses Concerns About GC Compliance Committees

On October 3, 2018, the Mid-America Union Conference posted an article on Outlook Magazine, the official news outlet of the MAUC, concerning the GC compliance committees.

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Whoever wrote “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” seems to be applicable to current concerns.

God’s ways are not the ways of human endeavour.

May Divine wisdom be allowed to prevail.


MAUC’s voice is one of forbearance and moderation; a voice that should be
heard, commended and supported. Why the expressed deep concern?
The established Compliance Committees and TW will be engaged in replicating
Stanley Milgram’s in/famous Obedience Study. The social psychology experiment
provided insight into how an authority demanding obedience can create powerful
and disastrous social influences (to mete out severe punishments), when situational
factors interact with personality characteristics, specifically authoritarianism - a
tendency to prefer issues to be simple (vis a vis complex) and to hold views that are
against change.


Perhaps GC ADCOM will not pay attention until powerful arms of
the US secular media report that the GC of the SDA Church is in
the process of persecuting those of its own faith!
When that news ‘hits the public relations and religious liberty fan’,
then perhaps TW will listen. Or, will he try and play the ‘victim’?
It seems reasonable to assert that SDA women have a good case
of claiming, “Me Too” - discrimination and/or spiritual abuse.


This is the first and the best news I’ve had yet today !

I might actually be able to enjoy belonging to an SDA church that thinks and feels like this. (Actually, I just checked and your territory includes Lodgepole, NE where the first member of my family to become an SDA, my grandmother Sophia Callies, lived and died soon after joining. She enjoyed the Sidney, Nebraska SDA church very much, around 1957.)

Thank you all, MAUC ! God has blessed you, and you have let Him.


Very well said. The GC’s deplorable attempt to perpetuate discrimination is reprehensible. And now, trying to subvert the established distribution and balance of hierarchical power and authority, this is more than deplorable. This is, no doubt, grounds for ousting the current President.

The attempt to steal the Unions from their established authority is nothing but a very malignant (Soviet style) maneuver. Too many deplorable, despicable maneuvers have been attempted by this GC administration.

Isn’t it time yet to stop the vicious attacks and threats to the Unions??? How long will it take for Ted Wilson to finally experience “grave consequences” for his attempts to subvert the currently established order?


This sounds very good. Too good actually. However, if real people do not stand up and block this coup, I don’t believe that God will interfere Himself.

What we need now is warriors who will stand up and confront in public those who are trying to implement the GC’s shameful and catastrophic regime of terror in the Church. The KGC has to be stopped, and those who run it need to be dethroned!!!


Now it can no longer be even inferred that it just the Pacific Union the opposes this. It seems very significant that the Mid-America and new a significant portion of Africa are opposed.

Either Ted has used very poor judgment, or he has been badly advised by a group of people who are not sufficiently in touch with the church or the principles of organization upon which it was formed.

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When someone who is “not currently out of compliance” advocates for those who are out of compliance, what other compelling evidence is there to show who is the more reasonable party.

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it would be interesting to have a statement from a regional conference, unless central states conference is in lockstep with MAUC…

The evidence so far would indicate that Ted has a misguided mission to “cleanse to denomination” He invisions papal powers. I think he will repeat Samons final act.

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The last passage in this article caught my attention. I looked it up and read the whole Review article from 1895. Wow! Words in due season. As I believe Ty Gibson once said, “She was a feisty chick.”

You can click on the reference in the article or find it here. https://m.egwwritings.org/en/book/821.14367#14380

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