Miguel De La Torre on Embracing Hopelessness

While at the American Academy of Religion meetings a few weeks ago, I attended an event honoring Miguel De La Torre with the AAR’s Martin E. Marty Award for the Public Understanding of Religion. De La Torre is Professor of Social Ethics and Latinx Studies at the Iliff School of Theology. He has served as president of the Society of Christian Ethics and has authored several hundred articles and over thirty-two books, including the national award-winning Reading the Bible from the Margins (2002) and the recent Decolonizing Christianity: Becoming Badass Believers (2021).

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This is a critical insight into the destructive potential of giving hope ONLY for the future while doing almost nothing to impact the present. Had not heard of him until now and do appreciate your report Alex.


I’ve just finished reading a holocaust book, “The Dressmakers of Auschwitz” by Lucy Adlington; as a seamstress myself how can I be more shocked an appalled? I do believe that there really cannot be any sort of sense in most of the carnage and mayhem of this world, though we try to look back and find the “motive”. There must be something in humans which pleads for this: Why did that kid shoot up his school and his classmates? Why did anyone vote for Hitler in the first place? Why did the "Christ-centered Crusades involve so much brutality? Maybe there isn’t an answer, just a balm in Gilead for wounded souls.

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