Millennial Crisis

Author’s Note: Below is a rather avant-garde poem I wrote. It illustrates the situation for Gen-X-ers (my generation), Millennials (those after my generation), and probably the generation that comes after them (Gen Z). This poem, in its form, illustrates the busy thinking and difficulty finding time to rest often experienced by these generations. The poem is antiphonal. There are limerick lines and sonnet lines. The sonnet lines all form one sonnet. The limerick lines form three limericks, but they alternate. There is a Haiku at the end which provides the main point of the poem. This may read best with two or three people, one for each part. The poem is antiphonal to illustrate the multitasking people in my generation and after tend to do. You may read it best just reading the sonnet lines and the limerick lines, unless, of course, you’re an X-er or Millennial. Then, maybe, you can be expected to just read the whole thing in one trip.

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reminds me of The Hound Of Heaven.

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