Misfiring at Mysticism

@timeichman, let aside the paraphrase of EGW to the incident :slight_smile: For me it just tells me, that maybe at least Saul was living with the sight of some underground World - Scheol or Hades or or or - and the witch maybe could call out Gods prophert from there .

The rest also could be just a product of those witches abilities in suggestions and her political eavluation of the situation on the battlefields - -

Well, yes, it could be. But, if we’re to take the bible literally, per Ted & Team, then that standard must apply uniformly.

For those who insist that the mutually-exclusive creation stories are literal and that the two interwoven flood stories are literal, they should also accept the stories of Saul and Samuel as literal. And every other story in the bible. And so, they should accept that necromancy works, and that witches (at least some who have the required powers) can wake the dead and bring their spirits up from the underworld, from Sheol, for a chat. And that the spirits have a direct connection to God and can relay God’s will to us, and even predict the future. Because that’s exactly the the story says happened.

Or, we don’t take it literally and realize these are stories, not literal & factual history.


Please put me down for Option #2.

And if Jesus turns me into a charcoal briquette because that’s the wrong answer, I’ll just have to take my (fire) licks.


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Well, to be fair, you’ve been unable to eat from the tree of discernment of function and dysfunction, so mistakes are bound to be made. I think Jesus will understand.

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@timteichman, I just try to be honest to the authors : There is one on the very incident who wrote with his words of long ago and not like a nowadays lawyer or newspaperman ot theologian or college teacher of our environment.

And then I try to shape my imaginatio ns as near as possible to the pictures he describes for me - -

What parts of Brazil are you comparing to Uganda and Fidji my good Austrian friend? Yes, there are some places down there that are very rough, that I had not been to. I lived in Sao Paulo City** for almost 40 years (1951-1989), thus I must say that the comparison was not fair.
Anyway, remember that this quarter’s SS was written by a Brazilian who ascended in the Adventist Denomination by being very “conservative & faithful.” And under Cliff Goldstein’s (@Cliff ) periscope. Doesn’t it say it all??? :wink: :wink:

** According to Google, “The largest city in the American continent is Sao Paulo in Brazil with 22 million people, followed by Mexico City and Buenos Aires in Argentina.”
Actually, in 2016, the Metropolitan region of Sao Paulo had already 23.5 million people.

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!


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