Mission and Wisdom for Daily Living in Proverbs

The book of Proverbs forms the practical part of Wisdom Literature in the Bible, alongside the more existential works of Job and Ecclesiastes. A collection of “short sentence[s] founded upon long experience,” the proverbs generally promote traditional values that “survived the passing of time.”[1] This focus appears to lean heavily on “skill[s] for daily living” while making light theological arguments. Even as some scholars describe Proverbs as “unreligious” or “secular,” I suggest that woven through the practical message is a perspective about mission—advice for how to relate well to neighbors, given the experience of wisdom’s transforming presence.[2] 

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" By cultivating good neighborliness, the Israelites would fulfill their missionary obligation." I am particularly intrigued by this statement and wonder what the real-world application of it would be today, given what is happening in that geographic area.

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