MLK: Speak for the weak

(system) #1

By Alexander Carpenter

So, I think that Ron, Peter, Bob, et al, have contributed very helpfully to the Adventist discussion of origins. I'm off to the library to pick up The Creationists: From Scientific Creationism to Intelligent Design (Harvard UP, 2006), not because I'm interested in hashing out more of the evidence. It should be relatively clear that creation and intelligent design fail to marshal the evidence and evolution as natural selection leaves plenty of room for divine action.

What's next? Ron and Bob ask about belief in God and Blake asks about faithful action.

I'll start a post reasons for belief, but until then here are some prophetic words for our historical moment and the moral questions of our time. Because whatever one believes about from where we came, there's no doubt that we have a role to play in what comes next.

On April 4, 1967, Martin Luther King spoke to religious leaders at the Riverside Chuch about ending the Vietnam War. He called for immediate action, because "tomorrow is today. In this video, the contemporary images reveal a continuing moral truth for believers.

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