Monday Meditation: Pastor Chris Oberg's Last Sermon.

In September, Chris Oberg announced she would be leaving La Sierra University Church after thirteen years. Preached on Sabbath, October 30, 2021, "You Have One Job, Church" was her last sermon as lead pastor.

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it will be very interesting to see what Chris Oberg does next…personally, i think she should continue in something that has to do with communicating to large groups of people…certainly politics is an option…but maybe she should launch her own TV show…The Chris Oberg Show has a good ring to it…

Listening to Pastor Chris Oberg reminds me of other SDA celebrity preachers I’ve heard. Makes me wonder: Do they read Spectrum? A Today, maybe? Any indication they do?

there are a lot of pseudonymous handles here on Spectrum…likely people like Chris Oberg are commenting, but we just don’t know…

This from Adventism’s leading church lady upon leaving her job as an un-pastor?!?!

Am I missing something?!?!

She gets to quit but everyone else has to keep at the chore of organized religion?!?!

I’m not going to start listing the reasons why this “thinking” does nothing to coax me back into a pew.

Certainly does have the doublespeak, “do as I say not as I do” quality of a potentially outstanding politician, though!

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Chris would make an outstanding politician, no question…but I’m thinking more and more that her true calling may very well be her own TV show…I think she could be another Oprah: she’s got that kind of connection with a crowd…

The term “good politician” is an oxymoron in my vocabulary…

Too cynical?


But I was raised SDA so I had some of the best teachers in that regard, starting with that most excellent example of misanthropy, EGW.

Oh, and BTW, I’m convinced the only lifeform lower than politicians is TV talk show hosts.

I caught about two minutes of Dr. Phil two days ago and still can’t seem to keep anything down.:wink:


i think your reaction is a bit unique…millions of people tune in to successful talk shows…even with a reporter style format, like Rachel Maddow, a good talk show host draws gigantic ratings…

Millions of Germans, perhaps a majority, thought Hitler had some good ideas so I prefer to remain “unique” in my opinion of him, political shills like Rachel Maddow and judgmental “Christians” like EGW.

And BTW, is there any chance you’ll ever post a comment in this forum that doesn’t include a fallacious “but lots of people are doing it” argument or a feebly veiled ad hominem attack?

Oh, and the way I see it, calling Rachel Maddow a reporter is like thinking Hannity is a journalist.

He and the imams in Iran get good ratings, BTW, so what they say must be worthwhile and substantive by extension of the “sanity in numbers” rationale.

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I think you’re being a bit sensitive here, Bruce…to say that your view on talk shows is unique isn’t a put down…it certainly wasn’t meant that way…the fact of this matter is that millions of people do tune in to talk shows…so if you don’t, it means you’re unique on this point…and there’s nothing wrong with being unique…

Again with the insults and it’s me who doesn’t know how to react.

Typically SDA, and just following the example set by EGW’s gaslighting, so I guess that makes it okay.

BTW, a quick check of the numbers shows that on a good night RM had less than one tenth of one percent of the US population watching her show, so I’ll leave you to be among the unique individuals who pays any attention to her.

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@vandieman Bruce’s concerns are valid, don’t you think? Un-pastoring oneself is a serious matter, right? What’s behind those pseudonyms, if any? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :wink:

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I can’t say I watch Rachel every night, but occasionally I do…if that makes me unique, I don’t have a problem with that…

and I don’t know what egw has to do with Rachel Maddow…you seem to see a plot by egw in everything…but she’s dead and buried…probably half the church has nothing to do with her…

assuming you’re being serious, no, I don’t…I think he’s being needlessly sensitive…

That you don’t see a connection between your judgmental nature and EGW’s is not surprising.

And if EGW is irrelevant to SDA’s TW and the GC didn’t get the memo! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Seriously, celebrity preachers are accountable to a larger constituency than their immediate congregational audience. If the subject of this conversation is not exactly un-pastoring herself; rather, in her own words there’s perhaps something more she could do to meet the needs of some un-housed people around the university church community than she has been able to accomplish by staying at her post, my question to her is: What’s that?

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I like the part where the good “unpastor” insists she’s not leaving “the church”.


So she’s only leaving a or her church???

And everyone else should keep working.

At that one job.

Which is???


Personally, I’m incapable of either refuting or accepting such “logic” and he will remain dedicatedly “unchurched”. :yawning_face:

you’re the only one who’s being judgemental here…

I didn’t say egw is irrelevant to SDA’s…

she hasn’t said specifically, likely because she’s considering her options, and hasn’t finalized in her mind what that course will be…but if she’s reading Spectrum, I hope she considers a TV talk show, or at least political office…she’s done very well as a pastor, but that’s small potatoes compared to the influence a TV talk show would give her…I think she could be another Oprah…

and as for un-pastoring herself (I think you mean de-pastoring herself), I don’t see a problem with that…had she been nominated to the presidency of SECC, which is what I think should have happened, she’d have essentially de-pastored herself…all conference, union, division and GC presidents de-pastor themselves all the time…


I-unlike you who’s unwilling to admit having done so-make judgments all the time as I’m pretty sure that’s how and why we’ve evolved, as a species, and this despite the allegedly Christian/EGW admonitions against doing so.

And okay, I admit I didn’t quote you verbatim. You only said something to the effect that EGW is ignored by a certain percentage of SDA’s.

I don’t have any idea what the actual percentage might be. But TW has been quoted recently as having said that he wants to give away millions of copies of The Great Controversy because he believes every word of it and that more people need to read it.

So obviously he thinks that percentage, whatever it may be, is way too low.

Me? I had EGW—despite the fact that she was dead and buried—righteously crammed down my throat from the day I was born. And I predict you’ll say that was years ago, I’m being far too sensitive about the past and I should just get over.

But I think even one percent would be far too high.

And when I see people like you defending her or read that TW is saying “We need to ‘just keep hitting it’” I’m disgusted that some SDA’s are still doing this to their kids and deem (i.e. judge) it to be an ongoing disgrace that anyone could support perpetuating this travesty.

I’m not going to get into the “un-“ or ‘de-“ pastored semantics other than to point out that some Adventists-and highly positioned one’s, to be precise-don’t believe Ms. Oberg should ever be allowed to consider herself a pastor, in any sense!:rofl:

I have decided, however, (again, judged) that it’s foolish to argue with you further.

i believe he’s absolutely correct…many people haven’t so much as heard of egw, or her prophecies of of the end of the world, which we’re starting to see fulfill around the edges…they deserve to read these prophecies for themselves, and make their own judgements…

The need to stay home in lieu of their in-person SS and church resulted in my teenage grandchildren discovering re-runs of Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood and I’m pleased they love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Regarding the possibility of filling the vacated top leadership post at the SECC, that’s one item behind the headlines I’ve heard around here. Surprisingly, neither Spectrum nor A Today has reported on the outcome of the nomination. :thinking: