Monday Meditation: White Christian Nationalism—Conference Videos

This mini-conference on white Christian nationalism was sponsored by the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture at Indiana University:

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This is the second part of the 2 prong attack. ! prong is all whites are racist. 2 prong conservativism is White Christian nationalism. Even in the presentation, one lady notes that the people she talks to would not call themselves White Christian nationalists. Very true most people don’t go by the labels of the political left choose to place on them to denigrate them!

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“By their fruits you shall know them…”
It does not require a confession of the man/women to know the nature of an individual. When one exhibits traits of character that are ungodly and are not worthy of our high calling, it is not the label, “political left” or “political right”, that is the standard by which the fruit can be judged.

We live in a time when the Spirit of God is calling us to examine our hearts and minds. It is now, that we are to take the steps to rid ourselves of those traits of character that we have cherished or developed.

Are you saying that you or some you know are “White Christian Nationalist”? Furthermore, are you rejecting the label but not the ideology of the “White Christian Nationalists”? (i.e. anti-immigration, racial profiling, police abuse, etc.)

David, there are only 2 hours left on this thread, so a discussion is not possible. No one calls themselves a “White Christian Nationalist”. There may be some white Christians around, and there maybe some nationalists around, and even a bunch of Whites around. But there are few specific White Chrisitan nationalists.

Take you “anti=immigration” issue. Does being against the flood of illegal immigration make you a “White Chrisitian Nationalist”? Perhaps one might be against illegal immigration for many reasons different than a White Christian nationalist might. You on the left just want to label folk so you can pigeon hole them and not meet their arguments for policies they disagree with.

I note Biden’s delegation of anti=vaxxers as if they ae the epitome of evil, forcing them to loose their jobs if they do not comply, when the Afghans refuges coming in are not required to bet vaccinated. Nor are the illegals.

Seems a bit inconsistent.

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