More Senior Adventist Leaders Voice Support for Ordination Yes Vote

When launched on April 30, it provided one of the most substantial contributions to the discussion of Adventists and the ordination of women in a long time. On the website, several "elder statesmen," senior leaders of the Adventist Church, spoke out in favor of ordaining women in order to achieve church unity. "It's Time," says the video in bold letters. The video circulated widely, propelled by viral social media sharing. A companion Facebook page, "Adventist Voices of Unity," received thousands of "likes" quickly.

Now the Voices of Unity page has added videos from more senior leaders, and provides expanded statements from some of the six spokesmen from the original video. The Facebook-exclusive content specifically addresses the importance of a "YES" vote at the upcoming General Conference Session.

Gerald Winslow, Vice President for Mission and Culture at Loma Linda University Health, says "We have a historic opportunity to say something important about Jesus, and about God's love."

Angel Rodriguez, former Director of the Biblical Research Committee, notes in a short clip, that the question of whether or not to allow women to be ordained should not be understood as biblical or theological. "We do not define biblical truth through a majority vote," Rodriguez says. "The question is 'What is the best thing for the church to do?'"

Sasha Ross, Director of the Women's Resource Center at La Sierra University, argues that a "YES" vote prevents one division from imposing its will on other divisions. "...because cultures are so varied on the issue, why would we want North America to dictate that to the rest of the world?" she asks.

John Brunt, Senior Pastor of the Azure Hills Church, points out the importance of women in pastoral ministry in relation to the unique ways women can minister: "...there are some things that women can do that I just can’t do, and God has given us the blessing of calling women that have worked with us and are able to fit right in to those things where we have great need."

Evangelist Alejandro Bullón teases apart issues of unity, uniformity, culture and theology: "But unity is not the same as uniformity. We can be a united church among diversity of colors, languages, and cultures. For that reason, and since there are two different points of view about women’s ordination, the General Conference formed a special committee with representatives from all divisions to study this matter, and this committee informed that women’s ordination is not a theological or doctrinal matter, but a cultural one."

See all of the video statments at the "Adventist Voices of Unity" Facebook page.

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Now that looks more like the adventism I grew up with…


I thought we were supposed to trust God when we offer our prayers. It seems as though these elder statesmen who have retired, pastors and college professors are not willing to trust God. They want to handle the issue in their on way by making videos and promotions. I can’t believe this. I am retired and have been in ministry 53 years. Jesus prayed, "NOT MY WILL, BUT THY WILL BE DONE. This is not a life or death issue or I got to win or have my way. Let’s quit acting like children. Let’s wait and see and what ever is voted, we can assume that it is the will of God, and if not, God is in charge and will make the final decision according to his will.


Everything is about MISSION that’s all I know about Adventism.

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They are theologians doing their job. Praying doesn’t mean quietness. You are confussing the place of prayer and action. There is no one going to vote at GC 2015 without taking a stand after all the prayer.


I cannot agree more with you. And for this reason, constituents and voting delegates must be educated with the prevailing issues before voting, unlike children who are “told what to do.”


Lewis, aren’t we supposed to seek first the kingdom and its righteousness… ? Jesus didn’t teach us: just pray and the righteousness of the kingdom will come automatically. We shall pray that “thy will be done in heaven as on earth” and then act accordingly, and not
and then go to bed and wait till the magic works…


You have hit a “hot” button. Too much of our world wide laity have been conditioned and pre-conditioned [those coming from other Religious Communities to be SDAs] to be told What to Think by “those who went to University.” They have been conditioned NOT to disagree with the “smart”, “intelligent”, “schooled” ones in power and authority. Because “they” know best.

Having been associated with a Christian group where most activities are lay generated, From the members sitting around talking while drinking coffee, tea, snacks between services, and then passing ideas to do something among themselves, then passing to the Church Board and the Pastor. Instead of the the top telling them what is going to happen. This type of Worship has really opened my mind to the differences I see in the SDA church laity mentality, laity motivation. The Inertia that is sometimes present in SDA congregations.


It also looks like the basketball game I grew up with: a full court press.

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What perks up my Curiosity.
What IS IT about ALL these 'Johnny come lately’s"?
Where were they in 2014?
WHY do they Feel MORE Safe making comments now that it may be Too Little, Too Late?
WHAT has made the difference NOW?

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They were all patiently waiting for the TOSC report. Unfortunately, the GC Executive ignored the final decision of the TOSC on the ordination of women. Now they can speak out!


Today, this Tuesday Morning, I was at the Doctor Office and the Morning News show was on. The commentators were discussing the current Issue of Forbes Magazine.
Forbes Magazine is featuring some of the Most Powerful Women in the World.
The News Program was discussing mostly the 5 Most Power Women, but they did mention other featured in the Magazine.

  1. the woman who is CEO of General Motors.
  2. the Chancellor of Germany who Controls the Most Money.
  3. The ones who have a net worth over a Billion [1,000,000,000] Dollars.
    They mentioned that 5 women have a combined income of over ONE TRILLION [1,000,000,000,000] DOLLARS.

It is interesting to note that at least ONE SDA preacher says that women do not have the Brains to be as effective as men, and are not worthy to be considered for a place in Power in the SDA church. And many agree with his assessment.

Note the upcoming Conference that will be held in Bakersfield, CA. Who will say These Women in Forbes Magazine would NOT have the Brains and the Ability to be a pastor of an SDA church, an SDA Conference, an SDA Union, an SDA Division, The Whole SDA Church as its First CEO.


Mr O –
There is such a thing as TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE!
This is IT!!
FEAR causes Inaction.


Because it’s the right thing to do.

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I wonder how you can think that? What would trusting God look like if this isn’t it?

It seems to me that they are willing and are trusting God all they way.


i applaud these leaders for taking a public stand - angel is taking his second stand - but part of me thinks these public stands are starting to look a bit desperate…given that the general conference has specified that ordination is a union responsibility, what does it matter how the general conference votes…a no vote isn’t going to stop women from being ordained by unions who have ignored previous general conference rulings…and is a yes vote going to have weight with anyone when previous no votes were obviously meaningless…


Good point Owusugyamficliff - it is unfortunate that the GC Exec ignored the final TOSC decision; I do believe some were shocked at the near 2/3rds majority in favor of allowing areas to decide.


In case some of you aren’t aware, a new book has been released by Amazing Facts on the subject of women’s ordination, authored by a wide assortment of church administrators, professors, pastors, and laypersons—men and women alike—from throughout the Adventist world.

The book is titled The Adventist Ordination Crisis: Biblical Authority or Cultural Conformity? The principal authors and editors of the book are as follows:

Doug Batchelor
Stephen Bohr
Laurel Damsteegt
Allen Davis
Jay Gallimore
Michael Hasel
C. Raymond Holmes
Jim Howard
Wayne Kablanow
Larry Kirkpatrick
Daniel Knapp Sr.
Kent Knight
Mike Lambert
Junie Lawson
Don Mackintosh
Carissa McSherry
Phil Mills
Kevin Paulson
John Peters
Eugene Prewitt
David Read
Edwin Reynolds
Alvaro Sauza
Ingo Sorke
Mario Veloso

The book is 128 pages in length, and is available for four dollars a copy. If one wishes to order ten or more copies, the price goes down to a dollar a piece. An e-copy of the book will be available on the Amazing Facts website starting today.

Those wishing to order the book may do so at the following link:


Here we go again, I can’t believe I left the Sunday church to be apart of this. I came in the church because of the biblical truths that the SDA church has, and now they are compromising on NON-BIBLICAL issues!!! come on people, if we are compromising on this topic what else are we going to compromise on in the future? The issue of not letting the NDA decide for churches is nonsense, because SDA churches in other parts of the world are going ahead and ordinating women, welcoming people of the same sex, they are not waiting for the GC session. I am sorry but we are heading down a very slippery slop. May God have mercy on our souls.

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Paula, I firmly believe the worldwide Adventist body is going to halt the slide into compromise you are rightly lamenting. San Antonio is coming. The present status quo is not immutable. Only God’s Word is.

I recommend you order a copy of our new book, noted in my earlier post, and spread copies around like the leaves of autumn.