More Senior Adventist Leaders Voice Support for Ordination Yes Vote

interesting each one of these men were at the last G.C. why didn’t they speak up then? play it safe is the Golden Rule., Tom Z


Are you saying that defending a certain position is “acting like children?”
If so, to which side are you referring to? Apparently to both, right?
I can’t understand why discussing an important issue could ever be “acting like children.”

Whining, yes, this is acting like children indeed. But I don’t see the defenders of any side doing this.

Your statement reminds me of what I always say, that in Adventism those people who “dare” to question something, those who ask tough questions, are always scorched.

The self-named “faithful” can only rest if they completely destroy the opposition, i.e., those who “dare” to think different from them.

It would be good, though, if they asked themselves a very relevant, and pertinent, question,


You guys are “selling” this book??? :wink:

By the way Kevin, I don’t remember if you ever answered my question:

Do you agree with Laurel Damsteegt and support her idea that the those of us who are pro-WO are actually Satan’s agents?


You mean… the dying leaves?


I don’t understand you Paula…if it is a non-Biblical issue, why would compromise be wrong? To me it is a Biblical issue. Discrimination is always wrong.


dying leaves
therefore only 4 Dollars…

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Ah, no. They are finally doing what God has blessed them to do. Study and teach. The only thing we can fault them for is awaiting this late hour.

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Not one respected church elder or scholar on this list. This is a fundamentalist who’s who. What is the point?


Oh, and the vote is not imposing will on others; it is doing the opposite.


This is the time to make whatever money is possible on it. Because after SA…


Awful lotta men on that list Kevin.


Do you ever wonder what might happen to these “authors and editors” should @GeorgeTichy prophecy fail? His prediction for the WO is a resounding NO, but a number of reputable SDA leaders have made known their wishes. There is going to be a tsunami effect and poor TW, his only viable recourse, should WO be accepted, is to resign to spare the church into splitting.

I note that one of the “authors/editors” is president of the Michigan Conference. Interesting pickle in that he is supportive of the “Type II Spiritual” syndrome, which has no biblical basis. Pure personal conjecture/bias.


I doubt they will get any orders from La Sierra University/Church.
If our music is now allowed in the Michigan Conference, then as a revenge the MC Presz’s book is not allowed on LSU campus.

Well,… the book won’t be ordered around here anyways. Who is interested in defending discrimination of women around here??? Though it’s really a cheap book…, $4. I heard that the Kindle version is only $.22. Yes, 22 cents - a bargain!!!

But wait until after SA. I heard also that after the Session, Kevin will be sending the book to all Spectrumites for free, along with $20 for people to actually read it… :laughing:


You are not weakening your faith in the prophets, are you???

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Actually I’ve been praying hard that the WO be rejected this SA2015, and watch the chips fall where they should. This was purely a management disaster. If it cannot muster a child’s understanding, there can be no biblical basis at all. Simple.


I did answer your question, George. The answer is Yes. This doesn’t mean those supporting women’s ordination are insincere. Peter was quite sincere in trying to get Jesus not to go to the cross. But Jesus declared to him, “Get thee behind Me, Satan” (Matt. 16:23).

If Satan could speak through Peter, who was destined later to convert thousands through his testimony, certainly the devil can speak through misguided Seventh-day Adventists who reject Biblical gender role distribution in favor of the vagaries of popular culture.

And by the way, George, we’re GIVING this book away for those who are interested. I gave away quite a few at the Seminary yesterday, including a number of gifts to faculty members themselves (including both the current and the former dean), who asked for signed copies.

And never mind if the La Sierra University Church doesn’t order any copies. I doubt they have many delegate votes anyway.


AHA! So it is indeed propaganda targeting the delegates eh?
Who would guess?

Well, thanks for confirming your support to the idea that those supporting WO are actually speaking for Satan. This is one of the most “amazing facts” I’ve ever heard, but now the secret is unsealed…

S’ Representative


It speaks volumes, Alethia, that you don’t count as respected church scholars such men as the following:

C. Raymond Holmes—Doctor of Ministry, former Lutheran minister, and retired homiletics professor at the Seminary

Michael Hasel—Professor of Old Testament, Southern Adventist University

Edwin Reynolds—Professor of New Testament Studies and Languages, Southern Adventist University

Ingo Sorke—Professor of New Testament, Southwestern Adventist University

Mario Veloso—retired professor of theology and former GC associate secretary

I could name many of the others, but these names in particular stand out for me. It seems you only regard as “respected elders and scholars” those who agree with your position. Most students from Southern or Southwestern who might read this blog, who are familiar with the above names—along with Seminary students who were privileged to sit at the feet of C. Raymond Holmes—would find your comments decidedly insulting.


Years ago we stopped by Nieman Marcus in Dallas where I asked the clerk for any “cheap donut.” She corrected me by saying, “Sir, we do not sell anything cheap in Nieman Marcus, we have inexpensive things to sell.”


Do you consider the nonstop drumbeat for women’s ordination coming from the NAD and various Union papers, as well as the Adventist Review, to be “propaganda” also? Or does this label only apply, as in Alethia’s case, to the promotion of views with which you differ?