Mountain High

(system) #1

When I fail to think of You (And, sad to say, times more than few) Because of all I need to do (Or think I do - that may be true)

I hie me to the clear, cold air At heights where bird and tree are rare. Bluer skies and brighter sun; where One can abandon every care.

And on the mountaintop I see My life with greater clarity. I feel unfettered; now am free To be the man I strive to be.

Why to the mountains do I go? Whether there be snow or no? Although the reasons may not show I’m moved by mountains; this I know.

In the author’s words: I am just a fellow pilgrim. I live not far from my daughter's family, including a pre-school grandson who reminds me of the little children for whom Christ had an affinity. I work part-time as a healthcare professional, play piano for cradle roll, and, among other interests, enjoy photography, tennis, and biking to the coast.

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