Mountain View Christian School Principal Behind Bars on Charges of Child Rape

Douglas Allison, 55, the principal of the Seventh-day Adventist Mountain View Christian School in Sequim, Washington has been arrested on charges of child rape and child molestation, according to the Clallam County Sheriff's Office. Allison and his wife are the only staff members of the school, which serves thirteen students. According to the Mountain View Christian School website, Douglas Allison taught grades 5 through 8. His wife is not under investigation.

Allison was arrested in his home Tuesday night and booked into the Clallam County Corrections Facility on four counts of first-degree child rape and 12 counts of first-degree child molestation. He is alleged to have repeateldy sexually abused two female students, aged 10 and 11.

"Allison was arrested following an investigation into a disclosure made by a 10-year-old female student at the school that she had been sexually assaulted by Mr. Allison," according to the County Sherriff's Office.

Speaking to Q13 Fox News, Becky Meharry said on behalf of the Adventist Church in the area, "We just want you to know that the health and safety of our students is of course our priority." She said that Allison has been placed on Administrative leave, pending the investigation. The school's website has also been suspended.

For more on this story, see the report by Q13 News.

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If true, we know with certainty this isn’t his first offense. How many more? I shudder to think!


I pray that this isn’t true. But if it is, my prayers go out to all concerned. Sin abounds, even within the confines of the Church. Lord, please calm the hurt and trauma allegedly inflicted on those children.


Another reason why a tiny little Adventist school is a bad idea. Public school looks better all the time.

Yes, I am. The government schools are better funded.

As a side, please note that in America we call them public schools. Perhaps you are not aware. They are part of our grand experiment to make sure everyone is educated, which can help to eliminate poverty, and they exist to serve the public. I will grant that lots of good upstanding people such as yourself were at first very much against the the idea of educating ‘poor people’, by which they meant Mexicans and black people. After all, where would we get cheap labor if all the kids were mandated to go to school? First they’d be in school and then they’d want better jobs. What would be next, interracial marriage?

I like this:

There are differences. For example, as pointed out in another post here, the public system actually works more often then not and the teachers are not shuffled around nor are there are many cover ups.

I agree. It is a terrible thing to happen to a child.

I couldn’t care less if I tried. People who do such things should suffer for the remainder of their natural lives. Ideally they should be placed in the general population in prison, and when word gets out what they did, the problem (of their continued existence) usually takes care of itself.



It happens in public schools all the time, too. Large and small.



Point well taken, Murph. The RCC scandal is another example, but surely not limited to small schools. I know of cases where cover ups have happened in public schools, as well. Penn State was one. Another I know of closer to home. It’s human nature to try and protect the brand, the name, and those in authority. Meanwhile, the victims are destroyed and potential ones are put at grave risk. It’s disgusting.


i think these charges have to be true…what 10 yr-old kid just makes up stories like this…


Absolutely horrific for the girls-- years of psychotherapy lie ahead.
And horrible for the perpetrator – years of imprisonmemt and intense humiliation for of all his extended family.

I think sexual abuse of minors is rare in Adventist schools, since we very seldom hear about events like these, and we do not "cover up " nor relocate perpetrators like the Catholic Church .

What is NOT rare in Adventism is intra-family sexual abuse of children.

The former family ministry’s secretary of the South Eastern California Conference, ( I believe her name was Johnson) reported on a high incidence of
child sexual abuse in Adventist families. This horrified me!

She stated that the more right wing, fundamentalist, conservative the family, the higher the incidence of child sexual abuse. ( Maybe Specrum could re-run her report since it is germane and pertinent at this time of the heinous, heretical “headship” dogma.)

This pernicious system of patriarchy, gives the father ultimate and total power over his wife and children. This power is often abused with disastrous consequences.

A dear women pastor friend preached a sermon on domestic spousal abuse.
I was distressed that such a sermon would even be necessary/pertinent in an Adventist congregation. In response to my amazed enquiry she informed me that numerous tear-stained women hugged her as they exited the sanctuary that day.

What is alarming is that while sexual abuse of minors is not frequent in our academic institutions, it appears that it is ENDEMIC and widespread in our families and congregations. The same for spousal abuse, physical and emotional!

The heinous, heretical headship dogma will continue to proliferate the abuse of wives and children within our congregations. Giving the male head of household unbridled domination over the family can often have a very undesirable outcome!


I have to disagree with this. Perhaps things have improved since I was in SDA schools in the 80s, (they have in the Catholic Church too) but get a group of women together around my age who went to SDA schools and you’d be shocked at the stories of sexual harassment and abuse that come out. And yes, the stories include cover ups and transferring.

SDAs suffer from the same fatal flaw that Catholics did/do when it comes to this issue - namely that the organization is God’s special church and the flourishing of the institution is more important than any one individual. There is no reason to think that SDAs have handled sex abuse any better. They just haven’t had investigative journalists turn their gaze their way yet.


And not just in relation to schools. I recall hearing a story from a very good source in my local church 30 years ago, about a Pathfinder Counselor who attempted to sexually abuse a teenage girl while on a camp. He told her that if she told anyone, he would kill her. My wife heard this story directly from the girl’s mother, but only a couple of years after it happened, by which time the Counselor concerned had moved across the country and was no longer involved in Pathfinder work…


yes it occurs even among pastors. historically it was covered up by transfers. I know of one case out of the Lake Union. The pastor got two transfers then out. Tom Z


Another unwarranted extrapolation by someone who speaks as if he detests the SDA church. I would rather go to jail than send a kid to a government school. There are small government schools throughout the country. Are you saying that a small SDA school is worse than a small government school? I think I know the answer. You can’t respond anyway, since we’re not allowed to dialogue here.

What’s sad in these cases, is that one is presumed guilty until proven innocent. And even if he is innocent, his life is ruined. I know a man who was falsely accused of molestation and sentenced to life imprisonment. His step-kids had a vendetta against him, and evidence that would have cleared him was not allowed in court. So much for our “justice” system.

Give me a poor school with dedicated Christian teachers any day over a well-funded, government school which indoctrinates its students in political correctness and atheistic evolution. And I call them government schools because the government (Big Brother) tells them what to teach and how to teach it.

There you go again, stereotyping. I don’t know who you’re talking about when you claim that we were against educating poor people. It was the “misogynistic” “homophobic” “racist” SDA Church which educated indigenous people in “third world” countries, while the RCC fought against it. Education is the key to freedom and prosperity.

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This is WHY the North American Division needs a program where ANY ONE working with minors – Under 18 – need to have a current certificate indicating they have gone through a Training Program of how Adult Leaders are to relate to minors. And, what type of touching, hugging, etc is appropriate only.
ALSO, the Minors need to be taught what the Adults are taught, so they can be aware of inappropriate behavior. They need to be taught the appropriate way to address questions.
One Sunday church I attend one HAS to have a re-fresher every 3 years, and it HAS to be validated on record at their Conference Office in Atlanta.


What is more important is, was the conference who hired Mr & Mrs Allison aware or should have been aware of his history and the risk involved in the hiring? These behaviors normally have a pattern and do not surface suddenly and without cause particularly in our mid 50’s.

Did someone take a gamble and lose? Sad case because if this case proves to be true, it normally takes 2-3 generations to undo the long lasting effects of sexual abuse.


Since decades I have a deep concern about the matter. My observation just some time ago was confirmed by a conservative pastor whose new appointmnet was to conduct a prevention program in SDA churches in Germany and Austria. : There is s special structure of personality found within the moletsers in the large churches (RCC) and to the same dgree in the small ones as Methodists and Adventists - A very strict lifestyle,.

So I demand a special ministry - for the molester risk group.

And on the other side we know about the “false memory syndrome” and other false accusations, given by the checklists handed out to mothers : “Ask your child if - - -”

And : Before I do not have the sentence in court I am very careful to evaluate what really should have happened - or not. The sheriff just sees the man "charged of - ". That is correct up to now.and until we have the sentence for him being guilty - -

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Victims of rapes and murders by pedophile: Adam Walsh, Jacob Wetterling, Pam Lychcer, Megan Kanka and many more…I pick Megan Kanka raped and murdered crime. The rest of names above and more children like them will be incremental children victims of crime as long as there are pedophiles sexual predators continue roaming the schools inserting their sizing sexual apparatus into rape and murder. Has the “Megan Law” not taken seriously by the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist establishment to all its educational institutions applied proactive vetting mechanisms in stringent criminal check candidates before hiring scan for anomalies? What deterred the GC from being “Proactive” on this, is it because the pedophile has not hit their homes their children …Yet?
Megan Kanka: The neighbor who invited Megan Kanka to see his puppy was a twice-convicted pedophile, who raped and murdered her, then dumped her body in a nearby park. Megan’s grieving parents said they never would have let their daughter travel their neighborhood freely if they had been alerted to the presence of a convicted sexual offender living across the street from their residence. Congress passed the Federal version of “Megan’s Law,” another amendment to the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, in 1996.
Honestly, the mounting Violent Crime rapes and murders Control and Law Enforcement on pedophile amendment upon amendment upon amendment passed by Congress…all ineffective Acts, the numbers of ammendment equal the mounting growth numbers of pedophiles each day…Because, there is not one act can difinitively stop or difinitively deter the sexual predators…When a man commits the same rapes crime twice, and is not deadly punished, it seems a sexual predator being him permissible.
There are parents with child or children whose child or children lives been psychologically or physically permanent damaged by pedophiles…these parents want United States Supreme Court ‘One Rule’ razor edge decisive definition of deterrence like reinstate the Kennedy v Louisiana Child Rape Constitutional?


One of the best ways to prevent this…is to not have the opportunity to either be falsely accused or be an abuser. This can be accomplished by simply not be alone with a child/individual without supervision, etc. For those who think that this is an onerous impediment to work should simply consider the serious consequences of not doing so. I have been involved with several work situations where staff was accused of abuse by client or where the staff had actually did do the abuse. In every case it was because the involved parties had been in an isolated situation together.


There was serious concern about this individual’s behavior made known way back in October. That was a call to be proactive…those children weren’t sophisticated enough to handle it themselves. When his tendencies were becoming evident, that community should have been all over it!!

If that were my SDA community, I would be demanding an investigation regarding his previous employment. I would think it would be legally required after his arrest. And if he had previous issues with students, then the previous employer has become an enabler, an accomplice. And if the current employer was informed, likewise.

I wish more parents were willing to keep their children at home while they are so young and vulnerable. I wish tiny private schools had more accountability, such as volunteers, even CCTV for transparency, where there is limited opportunity to monitor classrooms.

Parents need to educate their children and give them “the talk” very early on. Education and communication can derail sinister intentions before they turn into a wreck. Kids have an internal “inappropriate” alarm, and when parents discuss these issues openly, the more empowered the child becomes.

I know what the Spectrum gang is thinking…“they are too young to handle all this, you will ruin their innocence.” Then I circle back to; find a way…make a way to keep your lambs at home!


As a life long SDA with children, I have served on numerous school boards over the years and am currently on the board at one of our academies. It has been a very useful and educational experience. And my experience has been this. On more than one occasion, conference officials who are members of the board, have “asked” that an individual, usually a man, be employed by our schools in some capacity, because he/she is not “working out” where they are and “we need to put them somewhere” until we find a more permanent solution. More often then not, said conference officials have declined to give much background information on why such a move is necessary. And, as many on our boards are wont to do, the request is rubber stamped because, with so little to go on, we have to trust that our leaders are doing what they are doing for the right reasons. After all, we want to be team players, and they are being led by God, are they not? Now, do I believe that our leaders are systematically moving sexual predators around our schools and conferences? I do not. But what I do know and have observed is that when the chips are down and push comes to shove, the number one priority is always, protect the interests and image of the church. First at the national level, next at the local level. Always! And as long as this mentality governs our church officials, all the training in the world, as suggested in an earlier post, will serve as nothing more than a smoke screen. Just my experience and observation.


Thank you for getting real Sickofsevens! You present your view in a very appreciated and humble way! This truth however leads us to expect that if this “keeping up appearances” mind set doesn’t change, and I wonder if it ever will, we will be seeing more of he same from time to time. I find that profoundly sad!


I can’t even imagine my daughter being abused and not saying anything to us. I was my daughter’s best friend from she started playing with building blocks, and I loaded her up. I took her with me to the airport when I was doing flying as a spory; her mom took her to swimming classes. When she was about five she told me a little boy playmate wanted to see her pee. I was livid and told her to not even speak to that boy again. Instead I loaded her up even more. Took her to classical concerts dressed up in her little Clark shoes with gold buckles and wonderful elaborate dresses; I took her to organ concerts esp those played by an organist friend of mine. She even spent a weekend at a Playboy club where she was a little mascot for the bunnies who loved her little girl busybodiness. and so on. I bought a HUGE stuffed cat to sleep with. I sent her to church on Sabbath mornings and she told me what her teachers taught her . One day she found a stack of girlie magazines at the bottom of my library case. she reported that Dad had naked ladies to her MOM when he should be looking at you Mom instead. Her mom called me in panic and we plotted that when I reached home MOM would curse me out and burn the mags. My point is raising kids demands insightful and smart Parenting. Use ALL available resources; be friendly but not a pushover for your kids and less of these hidden abuses will occur. By the time my daughter was in college and one boy tried to force himself on her, she kicked him in the nuts. Yet she was not a prude. The boy apologized and they got married and now have four lovely kid My heart bleeds for those underage girls. May god’s blessing be with them and aid their recovery psychological and physical.