Mountain View Christian School Principal Behind Bars on Charges of Child Rape

It is truly horrifying and from what I have learned, all of this is swept under the rug and children are taught to be quiet and say nothing. Or they are taught to forgive their abusers or search for the “sin” in their life that caused them to be “raped.” The author of the book The Shack was a missionary’s child, who was sexually and physically abused in missionary schools in foreign countries. He wrote The Shack book as a way of therapy.

It makes sense why Jesus said those who hurt children would be better off if they put a millstone around their neck and threw themselves into the sea.



I need someone to explain everything, after the word “Playboy,” to me.



You are perfectly right to request an explanation. This account is a slice of life from before I was re-baptized. I had just graduated from a non-Adventist university and the boss had given some families weekend vacations at Playboy Clubs. I was out of line to quote this experience as a parenting tactic, and I am ashamed to have been so graphic in an Adventist publication. In future I will just mainly read, and I apologise to anyone offended by my post above. Spectrum is a wonderful SDA publication and I congratulate the publishers for their excellent articles and posters for the discussions. No offence was meant.


I don’t think anyone was offended. I think it was just so out of the blue, unexpected…so to speak.

I love to hear people’s “stories”. We all have one. Whatever your story is (or mine) it’s okay. :relaxed:


Thanks, intrinsa.

@cfowler said it well: I wasn’t offended. This narrative of parenting just took a highly original turn.

Your daughter sounds like a wonder, and I’m sure her husband and kids agree.



Thanks much @cfowler&@Harry. For a while there, I thought I would have been in trouble with the editors.I was introduced to Spectrum about three weeks or so ago by a friend. You guys are gentlemen , not in the sense of antiquated nobility, but in terms of welcome support for the uninitiated. I am" BY NO MEANS" ,at all, touchy when it comes to even hard criticism of philosophical or doctrinal positions , but on second look I wondered why I mentioned P/Boy even as a parenting story. I am now realising that it is generally regarded by fellow posters as part of my attempts at a parenting story(as was originally meant by me) . Thanks Guys!!! Thanks all!!!


Just as a way of introduction, I"m Carol.:girl: Nice to meet you…


:relaxed: Many Thanks for the welcome Carol, The sentiment is mutual, full hundred!!! I just surveyed some of your many posts and they are full of gripping interest and cutting edge thought. Long may you continue likewise!!!


Sory to say : About 1999 Kit Watts wrote about it in “Adventist Review” . About the same time I ushered a workshop in child abuse into the program of the SDA physicians and social workers and therapeuts convention in Friedensau - Now at last our local Union has installed a committee - - and I coul abundantly present material to the one chairing it ! At last !!

Inbetween we on the Continent - all inetersted and with a strong Christian background - know that rather the ones with a very strict lifestyle have their “outbursts” or their “hidden second life”; we also know that in strictly religious environments for example the “lie scale” in Eysencks personality investigation is exceedingly high - -

There is a ministry to be done - - .