Museum of the Bible Opens Amid Controversy and Concern

The Museum of the Bible, a $500 million, eight-story, 430,000 square foot facility in the heart of Washington D.C. officially opened its doors in November. The privately-funded non-profit museum has been plagued with controversy and scandal, heavily criticized for shady business dealings, questionable claims, and a lack of academic integrity.

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actually, the vast majority of visitors will undoubtedly be americans, almost 2/3 of whom believe in a literal interpretation of major bible stories like creation week, noah’s flood and the parting of the red sea during the exodus:

i think this means the green’s Museum of the Bible is destined to be a major hit, and a huge money maker…as well, the objections of scholars, if they’re known, will likely only heighten curiosity in the same way that trump’s threat to sue the publisher of michael wolff’s Fire and Fury has created a run away best seller…certainly the photographs accompanying this article are intriguing…i can’t imagine too many people not being thrilled to wander through an historically recreated first century village meant to resemble jesus’ nazareth, or a techy interpretation of the parting of the red sea, even if they don’t know whether they believe everything they’re seeing…

this museum looks state of the art…it looks like an interesting place in which to spend a few hours…i think its the perfect way to pique the curiosity and tap into the wallets of a secular public that has some kind of bible background…

why are you piling on? there are enough secular leftist “journalist” to bash a Bible museum…but why are you?

This is all about the quest for truth. Separating truth from fiction. The Scriptures encourage study and “rightly dividing the word of truth”. Archaeological, scholarly studies as performed and published by the late SDA Archaeologist Dr. Siegfried H. Horn are worthy of consideration. This Spectrum article documents valid ethical and archaeological science questions which can protect intended Christian witness from falling prey to and spreading “cunningly devised fables” and “traditions of men” that the Scriptures warn against.

Because ethics are vitally important to any form of Christian enterprise. The Green family have shown beyond any doubt that they are seriously lacking in that virtue in their dealings surrounding this venture.


I will not be darkening the doorway of this facility, just like I will never set foot in a Hobby Lobby store. Not because I don’t believe in the bible. Rather, because the Green family has made it their personal and economic crusade to force their employees into behavior patterns that should remain only in the conscience of the individual employee. Depriving employees of birth control, mandating “appropriate” sexual orientation and other moral choices that should be left to the individual, have been their dirrective calling card. Whether we agree or disagree with any of these choices, they should not be dictated by some unchristian employer who tries to wave the banner of Christian Purity.

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