Mutiny of the Remnant

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A couple of readers have sent over (h/t Bob) this Vanity Fair (Jan. 2008) article on rape and child molestation among the Adventists on Pitcairn Island. It raises issues of culture, ethics, gender and human sexuality. Warning: this will not be Mission Spotlight-esque.

Three years later, she passively climbed onto the back of Christian’s motorbike—in Pitcairn slang “Wanta bike?” came to mean “Want to have sex?”—and rode with him to a garden shed, where she was raped the second time, on a bed of banana leaves. Her father beat her with a “razor strop” not for the sexual event but for missing church.

Read Trouble in Paradise here.

If you want to add another layer, take a look at news items posted for a brief time at Pacific Union College's Pitcairn Island Study Center. And even more interesting, see the press releases by director Herbert Ford. He clearly has a different view.

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