My Pastor Ryan Bell becomes an Atheist

"Why don’t you take a two-month vacation from Spectrum and go to A Today, or still better, to Advindicate. "

I read in of of his posts @blc that he got “disinvited” from AToday. Please correct me Blc if I stand corrected. We want you here with us but “cut us some slack.” :smile:

"He jumped out of Adventism but took the wrong direction. "

Would you say this has been brewing for sometime and it took courage for him @rjbell to finally take the plunge? And with that assumption in mind, when he took the plunge, I would have been surprised if he found God “after coming up for air.” Major, life changing decisions do not just “pop” out of nowhere.

Just an opinion.


Yeah, I remember him telling us about being “disinvited.” I actually was wondering, what did he say there that was too liberal for them.
But a few days at Advindicate may cure his emotional discontentment with Spectrum…

Or, who knows, he may fall in love with Advindicate and never come back to Spectrum. Which would be bad since we need @blc around here to properly challenge us…


But of course, no one will hear “us liberals” tell anyone to leave Spectrum. We’re more tolerant and open-minded as others think.


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No, but a little “vacation” from those persistent negative remarks about Spectrum wouldn’t hurt… Maybe he takes “the fish” with him, which would be nice as well. But they must come back. We need them here!!!


This was a great article. The one thing I would add, is that in my interactions with Ryan I have not found him to be as open minded as he is generally portrayed. What I mean by this is that he was only open minded to like thinking individuals.

He was more often than not, dismissive and at times derisive toward people who who had politically or theologically different views than his own. True open mindedness means listening to radically different views, being respectful of at least the individuals holding those views.

In the grip of grace

Steve Moran


You are correct, Elmer. I did get booted off of AT. It’s OK, I don’t really have the time to spend at both places. Maybe after I retire. I wonder if they have a “statute of limitations over there?” Or did I commit the “unpardonable sin?”

I didn’t think I was being as negative as George suggested. Spectrum rarely (if ever) posts articles of that nature here. I wasn’t trying to be negative; I commend them for sharing it with us.


Me properly challenge you guys? Hard to believe that could happen. I think I was kicked out of AT because I suggested that they weren’t really very Adventist. It’s been awhile, and us old fogies don’t always remember things accurately. Remember Reagan? “I can’t recall . . . .” Very convenient for an old buzzard like me. :slight_smile:


"True open mindedness means listening to radically different views, being respectful of at least the individuals holding those views."

On behalf of George @GeorgeTichy and myself, welcome to Spectrum. :smile:

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Man, you must be very, very old…!!!
Or did you just empty your soul of all self esteem??? :slight_smile:

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"they weren’t really very Adventist."

Gotta give it to you. You have more courage than (youfillintheblanks)!!! :smiley:

Not to mention giving up too much of your self esteem. @GeorgeTichy


Welcome to Spectrum Steve.
It looks like you value open mindedness. Please be a frequent flier here.

In the Grip of an Open Mind!


The title of the article “Emphasized Justice, but not Righteousness” says much.

How can there be righteousness without justice? All through the Bible God calls for justice, which then meant restitution, setting things right, just as when we are cheated or our rights violated we seek justice through the courts to “set things right.” Without justice first being practiced, how can there be righteousness? Can someone explain that?


Paul Writes–I know nothing among you but Christ and Him crucified. The Church is not Adventist, that is merely a corporate entity in the category of denominations. The Church has one foundation, Christ. He is the corner stone that the builder rejection, and most of mankind also. it seems that Ryan is among them. The unique doctrines of Adventism pulls the mind and heart away from Christ to self. How does LGT differ from “Is this not the great Babylon that I have built?” What Ryan rebelled against is Weimar and its diluted look alike conventional Adventism without a serious study of the foundation of the Christian faith.

  1. Jesus is a historical figure.

  2. The New Testament, is a consistent testimony of His mission and an affirmation of His purpose and redemptive consequence to each believer.

  3. That belief compels a Grateful and generous life.

  4. People who accept the Gospel of Grace enjoy each other and bring encouragement to each other in a world of unbelief. yet are embolden to teach others all that they personally enjoy.,


I agree one hundred percent, Tom, with all of your assessments. I am very happy that I have been able to “meet” you online as I have benefited from your Christian perspective and presence. :smile:


thank You Kim! I learned Adventism from my Bible teacher. I learned Christianity from my parents and my English teachers, It was confirmed by Edward Heppenstall. Tom Z.


This is a truly thought provoking article from a perspective inside the walls of the Hollywood Church. I will probably return and read it again several times for that reason.

I have to add that the criticisms directed toward the Southern California Conference had a lot to do with their decision to not share their reason for Ryan’s dismissal. The lack of context for emotionally processing this event upset people who were sympathetic with the ultimate SCC decision as well as those who were sympathetic to Ryan maintaining his position as pastor of a christian congregation. Those of us who are much older than Melody also desire “ownership” and a “place at the table” and we felt denied all of this by the lack of transparency regarding this decision. I understand the legal underpinnings of the SCC’s lack of disclosure, and I’m sure most of us can fill in the missing pieces by contemplating what transpired with Ryan following his dismissal, but we simply can’t have a “sense of family” and conduct our affairs with that kind of secrecy… That behavior reeks of corporate legal protocol and has nothing to do with “family”.


The way I’ve felt the last few days, you are probably right. Maybe my parents faked my birth certificate–you know, like Obama’s “questionable” one. :wink:

I feel the need to clarify my statement, “But Ryan wasn’t teaching Adventism. . . .So how can one fault the Adventist Church for simply upholding what it believes to be true?”

Personally I believe our allegiance should be to Jesus Christ alone, and not to any earthly institution – though there is of course great value in church organization, and in fellowshipping with those of like conviction. It’s crucial to our spiritual growth.

My point was simply that the Adventist church did well to uphold what it professes to be true.


I have just completed rereading John Stott’s little paperback entitled “Your Mind Matters”. One of his major points the substitution of social reform for sound doctrine. I think the book is a must for anyone on either side of the issue confronting Ryan. Tom Z