NAD Administration Provides Guidance for Church in North America During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The leadership of the North American Division of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (NAD), in consultation with the leaders of the nine union conferences in the NAD, is providing some guidance for the churches and schools in our territories regarding the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

As Christians we have a responsibility to care for each other and ourselves. With the World Health Organization now declaring COVID-19 to be a pandemic, we should be seen as part of the solution rather than potentially becoming part of the problem.

In seeking to limit the potential impact of COVID-19, the NAD administration has voted that all staff should cease all travels immediately. Administration has prohibited work-related travel until June 24, 2020.

In addition, NAD administration has voted to cancel NAD-sponsored events and meetings scheduled to take place before June 24. The NAD Human Resource Services Conference and Union and Local Secretaries Council, scheduled for April 26-28, has been cancelled. The CALLED Pastors’ Family Convention, scheduled for June 20-24, 2020, has been rescheduled for the summer of 2022. Cancellation notices for several NAD events have already been issued, including the Pathfinder Bible Experience and Sonscreen Film Festival.

We, in support of our unions and local conferences, are asking our churches and schools to follow guidelines being established by their local and state governments regarding public meetings and size limits on gatherings. Many state governments are limiting the size of gatherings to 250 people or less. Some areas are even reducing that number to 100 people.

In light of these restrictions, and to maintain a healthy environment for our local communities, we are supporting our unions and local conferences in suggesting that churches and schools strongly reconsider the need to meet over the next two weeks. If churches have live-streaming capabilities, those options should be utilized to provide virtual church services for their members.

[A short list of churches that provide online services can be found here.]

The goal of these temporary changes is to provide a buffer of protection to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. Care should always be taken to follow the simple health care guidelines provided by the CDC* and medical experts. These include:

- Careful washing of your hands with soap and water; and using sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol when washing hands is not possible.

- Covering of your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing. If you don’t have tissue paper available, then utilize your arm or sleeve to cover your mouth and nose.

- Maintain a safe distance from others; and avoid shaking hands, giving hugs, etc.

- Sanitize your living and work areas daily.

- Stay at home if you are sick.

- Seek medical treatment if you have any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Even in these uncertain times we urge all our members to stay connected with family, friends, and church members through phone calls, texts, emails, social media, etc. We can encourage and support one another through these avenues of communication—and through prayer. We urge each member to also continue to support the mission of the church.

Some of our members may consider these guidelines extreme, but we take cautious guidance from Ellen G. White: “God will not work a miracle to keep those from sickness who have no care for themselves, but are continually violating the laws of health and make no efforts to prevent disease. When we do all we can on our part to have health, then may we expect that the blessed results will follow, and we can ask God in faith to bless our efforts for the preservation of health” (Councils on Health, p. 59).

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


In addition to these resources, please check with your local churches, conferences, and/or unions for information on closings, cancellations and preventative measures.

Adventist Risk Management’s webpage link:

General Conference Adventist Health Ministries article by Dr. Peter Landless:

U.S. Department of State travel advisory page link:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 link:

World Health Organization COVID-19 link:

CDC COVID-19 Resources for Households link:

This article originally appeared on the NAD website.

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It’s very encouraging seeing the NAD leading on this extremely serious issue. It’s a state of emergency, delays are not tolerable. I am very proud of Pastor Dan Jackson and his team. Great leadership.


This is a good start…I suggest more caution is needed:

–Box of tissues at each end of the pew. with plastic bags to deposit tissues.
–Hand sanitizers as one enters church and the sanctuary.
–No passing offering plate person to person.
–Keep a safe distance between all non-family members.
–Encourage members to not touch their faces, rub their eyes etc.
–No potlucks where each person serves themselves, meals should be purchased not prepared from any home. Servers should ware gloves.
–Ample soap and paper towels in restrooms–no exceptions must wash hands.
–Sign at door requesting visitor to return home if they have flu like symptoms.
–In-between SS and church wash all handrails and arm-pews with bleach solution.
–From membership list make special efforts to by-weekly contact senior members to support their physical and spiritual health.

–Conference and Union offices should downsize and send personal to pastoral positions in congregations that have no pastor.

Lastly, do not relate this virus to a sign of the end of the world. History has recorded many different plagues that sweep over the earth. The definitive sign Jesus gave was when the gospel has been presented to the earth–then end will come. What that looks like, we don’t know. Jesus told us to ready daily, not when we see sorrow or disaster.


Our great USA has been blessed with the leadership our duly voted in President. Trump has set the example for other leaders and our church is following important guidelines and the example set by our great president Trump. We, as a nation and citizens of such, can thank God for the wisdom from a business man’s approach to caring for its citizens health, protection, and the pursuit of liberty, life, and happiness. Past presidents are mere amateurs when compared to him, and to think of the other option in 2016 is frightful at the least. Take time, during your practice of simple health care guidelines, to thank the Great Life Creator that has bestowed us with great people all around us.
I heard recently that countries hit the hardest from this Wuhan China Corona virus origin, more recently name-changed to Covid-19, have a horrendous practice of bad health habits. Alcohol consumption and tobacco use are in far greater percentage of use than in our country. Ellen White has had great counsel on the use of such chemicals. Wise advice from many years ago!

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I would add having some people at the entrance reading the temperature of the worshipers coming in. For at least the next 6 weeks.
My church (LSU) went online with all services including SS starting today. Spiritual quarantine… :wink:


This isn’t how I understand it. We’re quite behind in our response, actually.


I don’t know where are you getting news from (Fox?). Since the beginning Trump has minimized the seriousness of the COVID-19 and has completely neglected our safety and survival. His ridiculous statements and irresponsible actions only reveal that he is a major threat to our (yours, mine, and everyone else’s) lives. When people were already dying he was telling us fake news that there were “only 15 people infected, and it will be reduced to zero in a few days.” :cold_face: Can’t be more irresponsible and threatening than this. I am glad “other leaders” are not imitating him but rather being proactive and serious.

There is much more to say but I will stop here. For people who venerate a corrupt and degraded individual like Trump, they may not be able to understand the reality of the danger that we are in with a POTUS like this. For them, a blind “Heil Trump” appears to be the only thing that matters. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@timteichman Well, given the Obiden response (despite slojoes campaign attestations) to the '09 threat of H1N1 (months after identification-and action by other nations, and only after the US incurred 20,000 hospitalizations and a thousand American deaths) did the admin respond. So…given that backdrop, present response is far more robust than the tds hyped meanstreakmedia fearmongers would have you believe. The truth is out there…


Tim, when Trump said , “testing is going smoothly,” that was one of the most offensive of his statements ever. Does he really believe that people are so dumb and will listen to such a lie without reacting?

We are so behind in testing because of lack of preparedness. Obama created the pandemic control agency, for our safety in moments like this. The “smart” :roll_eyes: comes in, and out of his racist rage against Obama, deactivated whatever he could of Obama’s programs, including the pandemic preparedness. And here we are: South Korea doing 10K tests a day, and we didn’t reach 15K total yet - due to lack of testing kits!

I hope “the smart” :roll_eyes: does not decline receiving from the Chinese millionaire the donation of 500K test kits, and 1 million masks that he just donated to the US.

Let’s VOTE, to end this nightmare!


I just came across a great source of enlightenment and thought I would share it with you. In case the Spectrum website frowns on pasting links then simply search on youtube for Dr. Nedley and Coronavirus.

You’re joking, surely.


One is tempted to think “shshsh” is speaking tongue in cheek.


shshsh is obviously a pseudonym being used by someone who enjoys seeing certain spectrumites all worked up…


His followers are. Dear Leader can do no wrong in their eyes. Seems Ted has similar followers.

Trump has said that multiple times as well. IMO he may actually half believe it. After all, he and team have no clue what they should be doing, no benchmark to measure against (mind you there are benchmarks and there are experts and those pesky people called “scientists” - whatever it is they do - that do know, but they should be ignored really.)

Reality is not in Trump’s favor, so he needs to create a new reality.


Using derogatory names for people is unneeded, and is somewhat confusing. Using Biden and Obama instead would make your statements clearer.

I’ve not studied many critiques of the Obama administration’s response, but on review H1N1 is a very different thing than COVID-19. H1N1 is just the flu. Versions of this strain of the flu have been around for over a century. The 2009 pandemic, apparently resulted in about 18,000 deaths worldwide. The average annual flu season in America results in 12,000 - 60,000 deaths. So, it seems in the end either the H1N1 2009 strain wasn’t very lethal, or our efforts to combat it worked.

Here’s a short synopsis report from CSIS on the matter. Apparently the biggest government shortcoming at the time was seen as a failure to manufacture enough vaccine doses - only 30 million when 160 million were predicted in a particular period. Note the recommendations that were offered, which Obama then instigated some of and Trump then dismantled a couple of years ago:

The Wikipedia post on H1N1, for background:


You think we should listen to Dough Batchelor? That’s a laugh. The man is a loon, as my grandmother would have said.


Hmmm…not sure what this poster is drinking…anyone know?




It’s name was not changed. It was actually named once by the WHO:
“On 11 February 2020, WHO announced a name for the new coronavirus disease: COVID-19.”

That is not accurate for alcohol:
China’s consumption is 6.7 liters per yer per capita age over 15. The United States is 9.2, or 37% more:

It is for tobacco. The Chinese smoke about 2x as much as the US.

If you’re a chronic older smoker and your lungs are trashed, you may well have a harder time with this virus. If you’re a young/light smoker you probably won’t be impacted by it.

In the US, smoking varies widely by state. If smoking is an issue, some states may be impacted more:

Yes, after sipping her evening “tonic” (wine) to settle her stomach with the Christian Brothers down the road, and after her favorite shrimp cocktail, she wrote not to drink or each shrimp. You know, except when it really seems necessary.


Why can’t people do some research about the issues before they post fantasies here?
It would also save you some precious time since you have to debunk their fallacious statements.