NAD Administration Provides Guidance for Church in North America During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ah… you listen to Batchelor, uh?
This sure explains many things that you have posted.


LOL! When reading Timo’s response I recall exactly the gaff when just this past week Biden called his past government leadership as Obiden and Bama government. He said it himself, so Timo did not make that up or meant to be name calling. I laughed so hard at that gaff because of its originality.

Actually no on the Batchelor assumption, I often catch Neil Nedley and his great information and this video was very excellent.

I see in his post superlatives to match those of the great man himself. I now know all I need to know about both. Next!


And Italy? Wine is water to them.

Have you checked whether included in the newstart principles as espoused by the legendary medical guru Doug Bachelor included spit as used in John 9:6?

Please advise.


Italy consumes 6.7 liters per year. Same as China. US wins again! They do drink more wine. We drink more beer. This is likely why they are healthier than us.

Of course you could have clicked the link and seen for yourself…


Fixed it for you!!!

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thanks for your reply, you have the luxury to reply thus long after the fact.
Unless prescient, the admin then did not know this-however they did know the rate of mortality, and the raw numbers, which makes any inaction on their behalf even more relevant.

Your other point that H1N1 was “just the flu” is risible-although lethal to many, the flu does NOT kill 35%! Second, many in scientific community coined present threat as SARS 2. “SARS1” (and 2) lethality is WAY lower than that!

It is undoubtedly “just another flu variant”- undoubtedly there are others. Corona viruses as a group have existed since before the Ussherian/Bishop chronology permits. Quick interweb search of duck intestinal virus will tell you far more than you want to know …

What will be the “proof pudding” will be when that next one comes down the pike.
Rampant hypocritical emotion based blame assignation politicization (as too readily apparent even here) of it will not help a soul-and may well deter appropriate responses, both today and in the next one, like when 46 (whoever s/he is).

As I’ve said before-I neither voted for the man, nor agree with his manners, personality, or anything else about him-but I am completely fiercely countering the rabid anti trumpism religion. It is completely disingenuous, malefic and mephistophilian. When this sort of public lack of decorum is fully normalized all humanity suffers to high heaven.

Note, Tim, that the accusations that his supporters consider him “dear leadherr”
is no different -at all- than the opposite and equal reaction of his haters,
that 45 is the personified amalgamation of jinni,. asura, antichrist…

Believing alternate reality favorable to ones own pet ideologies is equal opportunity confounder. One is free to believe as he chooses-but he ought be constrained to be less of pompous prat about someone elses belief.

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Per person? Gotta be accurate.

Poor Italy. I wonder if they have a failed medical system. Maybe single payer health care? Anything government run is likely to fail as compared to a capitalist economy, which would include health care.

ALL of our churches in the Southern and Southeastern California conferences have been told to close and go online!


Is now the appropriate time to discuss the cause of this tragic pandemic?

flittermouse soup in a chinese street wet market…

But seriously we have far too many seeking partisan blame assignation than either allowing solution be sought, nor seeking one themselves.
Seems the panic may not be just the icing

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The seriousness and gravity of this pandemic cannot be overstated. It’s killing thousands, it’s affecting the lives of millions (billions?), and its consequences will be with us for many years. And we may not have seen its worst yet, though the very credible and knowledgeable :roll_eyes: President of the US (imagine!) called it “a hoax.” And I am still waiting for the day when it will just disappear suddenly as a miracle. Yep, it is indeed “under control”… sure… The total of people tested so far didn’t reach 20K yet… (10K a DAY in S Korea!). America first, and great again for sure!

While the miracle happens, I am skipping work for a couple of weeks. Semi-retired, I still work two days a week, but in SNFs (Skilled Nursing Facilities), one of the most vulnerable environments where most people are above 60. Being almost 70, it’s not the safest place for me to be these days…
@elmer_cupino , VOTE!!!


Is there anything horrible that happens in this world that ISN’T Trump’s fault? I really have had enough of this mindless bashing of the president. I can’t believe the idiocy of these comments, no matter what the subject is on this website.


I think a lot of people here are feeling, and have felt the same way, for a very l-o-n-g time. Tedious to say the least. I could say more, but I’ll leave it at that.


There is no need to be difficult. Yes, per person. Same measure as before, as referenced.

And again, you can click the link provided and see this for yourself.

I bet there is!

But if it happens in Washington DC then it’s usually Trump and his incompetent team. Or the senate.

It’s not mindless bashing. It’s informed bashing.

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Are you getting irritated because people point out to what this President says and does? Why is it “idiocy” when one just points out to what HE says and does?

We are close to Martial Law and cancellation of elections, besides the collapse of the supply system and the fallout of the economy. Or are we not?

Also, everyone should make sure to be where they plan to spend the next few months, because soon there may be a big surprise in terms of being allowed to travel even interstate. Just sayin’… Maybe it’s indeed just mere “idiocy.” We will see… :wink: