NAD Administration Provides Guidance for Church in North America During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Of course! I stubbed my toe and it’s definitely Obama’s fault!


Life in Europe is no fun thing at the moment. We all should have reacted faster for the protection of older people and people with already poor health. You have no idea what will (or at least can) come at you, especially since US health care system is not beneficial for poor people, and the damage for small companies, that have to close for a while, will be immense. So, whoever is your president at the moment, he should pull himself together and start more preventive, financial, and health care actions (the same can be said about our leaders and governments). And this time, all the talking about “this will be socialism” will stop as soon as the one talking will be affected by loss of income. Then they will be glad for any help.


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Biased personal opinion is not conducive to a rational discussion of issues - and that is all you have to offer.

Stating that all we have to offer are biased personal opinions, is a… personal opinion.

It is a personal opinion that is objectively impossible for you to validate or defend, since you can’t possibly know what we have to offer.

Making critical statements/assertions about what is inside of other people’s heads never makes an effective argument. It’s certainly not rational - since you can’t possibly know.

Further, we all have biases. Every opinion that exists is impacted by biases; this forum is chock full of personal opinions, and each and every one of them includes personal biases. Without them there would be no conversation.

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It’s your opinion. For a rational discussion of the latest issue read this. According to Trump, Obama is frequently the “cause” of many of his own problems. It’s “spin,” all right. If you search for objectivity and factual analysis, you can find it.



Here is more reporting from a credible source fact checking. Of course, you may have your own opinion, but examining claims for truth is a way to sort fact from opinion:

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The “whoever” is the main problem in this land. He keeps minimizing the seriousness of the problem, making fake/false promises, providing flawed information, and so on. Sirje said it right, and I have the same feeling :wink: :

A parakeet told me today that the signature of an executive order for a complete lockdown is imminent, that it’s already on the President’s desk. I hope this is fake news, but I cannot be sure. When Trump says everything is under control, run! Run FAST!!! The truth is ALWAYS the opposite of what he says. Always!!!

The gravity of the moment cannot be worse. And in the middle of it we have a mentally unstable individual still holding in his hands the biggest power on Earth. This is just outrageous. Should we thank those who elected him and still venerate him as if he were a stable genius? :thinking:


Did I say, at any time that I don’t have personal opinions or biases? Of course we all have them. What I objected to originally, was George’s endless Trump bashing in every single topic presentation on Spectrum - and off you all go… with truth and justice on your side, of course.


I responded to what you wrote.

Originally? Your post had no mention of Trump:

Of course. Yes, that is part of our point when we criticism Trump: He does not have either truth or justice on his side.

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[quote=“GeorgeTichy, post:48, topic:19872”]
I hope this is fake news, but I cannot be sure. When Trump says everything is under control, run! Run FAST!!! The truth is ALWAYS the opposite of what he says. Always!!! - personal opinion.

I’m sure Biden would be out there giving Polio injection thinking it’s 1952; and Bernie would have interment camps ready on the go. Count your blessings.

This is a mystery to me, and I expect you to please explain it properly:

How can Trump’s words and actions be my “Biased personal opinion?” It’s what he sasys and does that we are talking about. No bias, no interpretation, just reality nude and crude. And very sad as well.
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“Of course. Yes, that is part of our point when we criticism Trump: He does not have either truth or justice on his side.” - purely opinion

Well, this is indeed your personal opinion, isn’t it?
Mentioning facts and referring to what we see the man saying and doing is far from bashing. Now, if his falsehood and dishonesty is something you approve/support, then of course you will keep accusing me of “bashing.” But, relax, “Unlike Obama, we have everything under control.” What a relief, isn’t it? After all, this COVID19 “thing” is nothing but a hoax. So said the POTUS!!!

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It’s a statement based on known facts. For example, it is well documented that the man lies constantly.

Some say you can tell he is lying because his lips are moving. That’s a little bit extreme for me, as sometimes he isn’t asserting something that can be lied about - but is offering his opinion. For example, his opinion since January until last week that the coronavirus was under control and would go away shortly. He was wrong, which all the experts knew, but it wasn’t a lie exactly because he was predicting the future.

Lockdowns aren’t the end of the world in countries that have a good social care system. At your end of the world, well …
I don’t participate in discussing the general politics of your current president, because I don’t understand him (or most of American political thinking) at all and it’s none of my business, but in times like these political agendas should be left out and everyone should concentrate on people and their wellbeing. And maybe your leadership learns lessons from our mistakes.


[quote=“Sirje, post:53, topic:19872”]
purely opinion

Tim’s @timteichman “opinion” has over 16,000 pillars (lies) supporting it. And this is not my “opinion,” this is CNN counting it and exposing it. Well, maybe it’s just CNN’s “opinion,” right? Sure!

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Listen and learn, Grasshopper.

You, along with with the leftist media, accused Trump of calling the virus a hoax. You, of course, picked up on the medias’ report, believing every word. I don’t know how to transfer news items directly to my post here, so I urge you to do a google search for - “Did Trump call the virus a hoax.”

What you will find is that he had just listed all the hoaxes perpetrated by the left wing media including the the Democrat’s "Russia, Russia, Russia " hoax, followed by the Ukraine hoax, and now the coronavirus hoax.

He called the POLITICIZING of the coronavirus by the Democrats a hoax. He did not refer the virus as a hoax. Check it out if you dare.

The brilliant media heard the word HOAX and jump at it, being apparently verbally challenged.

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CNN? The Democrat’s state media? They get perfectly giddy about maybe the virus, with all the deaths, will cause Trump not to win the elelction.

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When I learned that Trump refused test kits offered by the WHO - World Health Organization… I couldn’t believe it! But yes, it was fact, not just someone’s “opinion”…

What can you expect with a President like this? Europeans must be mesmerized by what they see happening here.


Sorry Sirje, but I watched the speech in which he DID call the virus a hoax. And said that there was ONE case coming from China, then at another time he said that we had 15 cases that would be resolved within a few days.

I SAW it personally. Now…, tell me I am delusional and it never happened.
Probably the best for me is now to rest my case. Just my “opinion”… :wink: