NAD Executive Committee Recommends Name for New Division President

UPDATE: On the morning of Thursday, July 9, 2020, G. Alexander Bryant was confirmed as the new North American Division president by the General Conference Executive Committee with an affirming vote of 153-5.

The Executive Committee of the North American Division (NAD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church voted on July 7, 2020, to recommend the name of G. Alexander Bryant for the position of NAD president. Bryant’s name was presented to the executive committee by the nominating committee, which met on July 6. The General Conference (GC) Executive Committee will meet virtually on July 9 to receive the recommendation and elect the new NAD president.

The division's nominating committee is termed a standing committee appointed by the NAD Executive Committee in 2015. The nominating committee has recommended the names of individuals to the executive committee for vote during the past five years in order to fill division vacancies.

Glenward Alexander (“Alex”) Bryant has most recently served as both executive secretary of the NAD and associate secretary of the GC, a position he’s held since October 2008. Before coming to the division, Bryant served as the president of the Central States Conference in Kansas City, Kansas, for 11 years.

Bryant graduated with a dual major in Theology and Business Administration from Oakwood College (now Oakwood University) in 1982.

He began his ministry that same year in Springfield, Missouri, and Coffeyville and Independence, Kansas. In 1986, Bryant was ordained, and he continued his education by earning a Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University in 1988. The Central States Conference voted Bryant to serve as Youth/Pathfinders/National Service Organization director, Temperance director, and superintendent of Education in 1990; and he became president in 1997. In 2011, Bryant earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.


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This press release originally appeared on the NAD website and is reprinted here in full with permission.

Image: G. Alexander Bryant. Photo by Dan Weber, courtesy of the NAD.

Editor's Note: This article was updated on July 9 at 3:05 p.m. (EDT) to reflect that the vote was 153-5.


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Congratulations! Dr. Bryant.

Barring an actual booming spoken word by God from heaven, you are it. Not that you are not qualified but I was hoping for a female version of a Dr. Bryant.


Maybe he will be a great facilitator of a next step conducing to your wishes! I don’t know him, so it’s time to learn who he is and what can be expected from him.



bryant is the executive secretary now, so he’s kind of the natural successor…this is a good look for our division in the wake of the floyd murder, but i was still hoping for sandra roberts…


Jeremy I can understand your saying “… the natural successor” with this nomination. However, the problem is that the “natural successor” is exactly why the good old boy network continues to be a problem with keeping the Sandra Roberts from being considered. That and the fact that women should remain silent in church philosophy.


I think the NAD will be in good hands. He is an excellent choice for NAD president.


i don’t think this is a factor for anything having to do with NAD…there’s no chance NAD is going to buckle under any GC pressure, if there is any…

the reality is that we have to face the fact that the floyd murder has made a white president impossible…not only is bryant the natural successor, but he has the advantage of being black, and therefore just what the dr. ordered for our time…if anyone other than bryant were nominated, it would be perceived to be unfair because it would be unfair…NAD has made the right choice…

and a black NAD president may smooth things over with africa, who knows…

i think all these nominations need to be carefully considered, not only in terms of their substance, but their optics and subliminal messaging potential, as well…it will be interesting to see who our next GC president will be…i’ll shocked if it isn’t TW…


I agree that TW is going to be re-elected and I believe that regardless the color of skin the good old boy network is a high priority both with the GC but also in the NAD.
I have little faith in any election all the way down to the local conference. That’s not to say Dan Jackson didn’t try but if you are a denominational employee you learn that how you play the game is more important than qualification for the job.


So what would be the subliminal message if TW were to get his wish and be handed the scepter for another term? Curious to know…

The rumblings are against TW. I’ll wait and see if my sources are credible.


Sure hope you are right Elmer. One President down, one to go


Oh, you got parakeets too? Congratulations! …:wink:


His academic credentials are awesome —- I like the doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Now can we hope that he is not tainted with misogyny and open to women’s ordination ?
Also, would be nice if he were not a hateful homophobe.

We shall have to wait and see.


The biggest concern of the GC and NAD will be when they realize the members don’t care who is elected. The Union Level is where the real authority lies. The authority to ordain. The Unions have to deal first hand with the reduced finances and be responsive to the needs of their constituents. Unfortunately the Union leaders are pecking to get to the Division level. Serving two masters never works. If the legacy of 10 years of Ted Wilson leadership is 5 more years, unless he has.a road to Damascus experience, I am not sure what the church will look like in 2025.


Congratulations to Dr. Bryant. I’ve got my bowl of popcorn in my lap as I watch what happens from here on out…

I’m not sure I actually care, but it will be interesting to watch the events unfold.


I looked up Alex Bryant’s 2011 doctoral dissertation at Fuller, which is: “Assisting First-Position Leaders in Transition to Executive Secretary Roles” (2011). It can be found here: Just a little more info/background on the new guy…


Impressive. The bibliography showed five (5) citations from EGW. I know someone whose citations from EGW numbered more than the pages of his thesis. :wink:


I bet Dr. Bryant used the only five citations that were not used by that “someone” guy you referred to… LOL … :innocent:


Thank you for the link Carolyn.
If AB’s dissertation project is indicative of his thinking
and general disposition, WO is likely to be in ‘good shape’
in the future, in the NAD (cf. pp. 112-114, 120).
Also, he is not short on ideas when it comes to dealing with
people like TW. (e.g. pp. 160, 161).


" is more important than qualification for the job."

What! Are you hinting that nepotism occurs?? :thinking: :laughing:


"…unless he has.a road to Damascus experience, I am not sure what the church will look like in 2025."

One thing will be that the membership trajectory will continue to diminish…maybe even a schism at some point. There will be less and less reason(s) for young people to stay with sexism, racism, and other “isms” on full display. The GC needs a Servant Leader who knows how to lead by acknowledging what century the church is in and how to allow for concientious differences.