NAD Issues Response to Recent Deaths and Racial Turmoil

Calling every white person a supremacist/racist is akin to calling every cop bad, every black person crime-prone, every non-masker apathetic or every conservative heartless idiot.
I see 3 of those dehumanizations transpire here, daily. Hey, its even there in the above post /\


That’s not what I doubt. I doubt that his intentions were in killing him. The report came out detailing the sequence of events… you can read it here.

To me it looks like a case of criminal neglegence rather than a hate crime. I don’t know, of course. Maybe Chauvin had some grudge towards Floyd, since there’s some information that connects them, but I’m fairly certain he as a police officer would be aware of consequences of killing a black man in such a manner in our politically-charged climate.

If you read the report, the way events unfold seem to be more in line with criminal negligence than a hate crime.

If you think that it somehow diminish the severity of what he did, you need to ask yourself why you think so.

George, you understand that these two are not exclusive, right?

And since when the murder isn’t enough in this context?

Yes, George. It would. A very similar case actually happened in Texas, and I’m fairly certain it’s not one of the kind. Police were joking around as they kneeled on his back and cracked jokes as he was dying and couldn’t breathe. But, in that case they were not even charged or fired. It took years to even release the bodycam video and restart an investigation.

So no, it doesn’t merely happen to back people, and the punishment is not more severe when white people are the victims.

What a powerful and accurate statement!
There are “immovable” people among every single racial group. There is no racial group in which everyone is “immovable.”

Racism is easily detected, though people who are infected with this (apparently incurable) disease believe that they can easily disguise themselves and fool the public. But they can’t, because they keep defending their own racial bias - thus, as you said well, staying “immovable.”


May be if people where working this wouldn’t have happened

From Australia the liberal states GOD may be withdrawing his protection
LOMA LINDA is smack bang in this

Is this a warning for our church and leadership
Serious stuff

Thou shalt not kill . Is not racial its law.
Now because of all media fueling this look at what is happening

Because I think the black leaders would have more influence. I was not trying to be dismissive of those of others races who joined in the violence.

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This response while cloaked in piety is really no different than that of character portrayed by Slim Pickens in the opening scenes of Blazing Saddles.

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Your response, while clothed in piety, isn’t a response at all actually. It’s a form of abrasive intellectual laziness.

Jesus said the law could be summarized: Love thy neighbor as thyself.

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By mercy and truth iniquity is atoned for; And by the fear of Jehovah men depart from evil.
Proverbs 16:6

Thanks, NAD.

Our pastor built a Zoom sermon/talk around this statement, this past Sabbath; one where he went through the document, and encouraged us, as parishioners, to respond.

I’ll say, here, in short, what I said there:

This is a more forceful analysis than the NAD usually gives on matters of social justice. Our pastor noted this, and for this the Division should be commended.

There are two terms, though, that should have been in this statement, but do not appear here:

One is police. Even as a wide sectors of our society begin to acknowledge that there is a national problem, in the way that law enforcement executes their duties relative to African-Americans, the NAD has only done this in the most mealy-mouthed way.

By saying that “some of those who have been trusted to protect all members of society have broken their solemn pact to serve others,” the Division evades the forthrightness with which prophetic movements are called to denounce evil.

It’s almost as though the church had, what the Pew Foundation calls, the racial confidence gap in police performance in mind, when it wrote the letter; i.e., that “roughly three-quarters of whites say police in their communities do an excellent or good job in using the appropriate force on suspects, treating all racial and ethnic minorities equally and holding officers accountable when misconduct occurs.” Only a third of Black people agree.

Perhaps deeming it important not to offend the wealthiest, longest-standing, and most influential of its members, the NAD merely soft-pedaled the problem.

That ethos continues in the absence of another term: white supremacy. Given that the North American Division administration which composed the letter is a multi-ethnic body, my guess is that this term did not even come up in discussion, as non-white members deferred to the sensibilities of the white membership; i.e., white supremacy.

(Again, I’m only guessing, here, based on how I’ve seen similar efforts play out, in all areas—economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war.)

Perhaps white supremacy is something that our overwhelmingly non-white, but white-dominated denomination cannot name because it is culpable. The Seventh-day Adventist Church has never had a non-white president, even though the “lamb with two horns” has “been there, done that.”

White supremacy was the seed out of which grew our system of regional conferences; a racist artifact that has existed so long that, increasingly, the calls to dismantle it come from embarrassed white members.

It’s a truism that one cannot fix what they cannot see, but, even more, that to which they cannot even point.

The NAD showed strength when it addressed the careless deletion of so many Black people’s lives. But it was weak, and flaccid, when it refused to call out sin by its right name.



Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Matthew 22:40


AMEN - so why do people bear false witness
isnt provocation or calling someone rascist or calling TRUMP names as bearing false witness ?

AHHH politics and our SDA intellectuals
where there killing in JESUS’S time ? did CAESARS solders ever do a wrong act ?
LOL and did JESUS lobby or come out as a moral voice against CEASAR?
JESUS pointed to salvation not this temporary planet

some groups may label certain classes or colour or whatever based on there actions
well black america has just fueled the divide by acting badly - like stealing and burning and killing

why not protest peacefully on the side of the road away from traffic ! the veganism and extinction rebellion all use these tactics
all these movements question authority - sounds familiar
its bible prophesy so why resist prophesy ? do we question the aurthority of the BIBLE as SDA

Dude… Not cool.

There isn’t some monolithic “black America” in which one set of individuals get to speak or do things on behalf of everyone. Because, if such is the case, there’s plenty of the very same black America who was standing and holding the lines and keeping people from looting. And there were plenty of “white America” who were looting.

I wouldn’t even classify them as having political agenda, since they were anarchist… who are a-political.

This isn’t the time where we can afford to keep flaming over disagreements. It’s time to find some agreement and move on to cleaning the mess left behind. That’s something we’ll have to do no matter who you agree with or who you support.


Why? Why would you parrot identitarian and divisive media narrative here, and then get upset when someone points out a problem with it.

Notice that I have not called you racist. If I count how many times I got labeled racist by implication on this forum in the past 4 days… I’m sorry, but I would likely win :slight_smile:

I merely pointed out the problematic language that does inflame these narratives and have people draw lines in the sand they don’t have to draw. There’s a broader spectrum of “white America” just as there’s a broader spectrum of “black America”.

You have to look at it this way. We are at the point in our cultural marriage in which we got to violence and yelling, with police essentially looking the other way… because many don’t want to be the next “top story”. It is up to us now. Either we find some common language and agreement from which we can pivot, or the divorce will be very ugly.

Harrpa, I am told that that was the first verse DT read when he opened that Bible yesterday - for the first time in his life. Then, he was looking for the book “Two Corinthians” when, inadvertently, he read another verse elsewhere saying something about loving others as we love ourselves. Case closed, Bible closed forever!

So let’s see what happened in his mind overnight. Will see in his actions today. Brace for impact.

Stay tuned! :laughing:

if we had this misterious ‘love’ we would finish the 3 angels message as EGW was told by the holy spirit

what else can we do ? get involved in a anti trump politacal fight sounds a little dirty
I am not taking sides but there is a distict pelosi+schummer clan vs trump fight

So where is the LOVE :heart:

Is this what comes to your mind when you read a joke???
:-1: :-1: :-1: :-1:

Could part of the problem be that a significant number of persons expect and label all or most “white” people as “supremacists” and react that way? I do not think that white racism is as prevalent as we make it out to be. And those of us who get labeled by skin color by folks who don’t know us, are hurt and confused as much as the Black person who gets profiled. I don’t understand your experience, and you apparently don’t understand mine. I know my many Black friends do not consider my color as a problem. I attend an integrated church and live in an integrated apartment complex. You ignore the large percentage who are middle class and higher and never lived in the ghettos that local politics trapped the poor in. It turned into a poverty culture and whites living in Appalachia are just as poor and drug ridden. I note that people from the Islands (as some of my relatives were) aren’t as hostile and they also had slave ancestors.