NAD Issues Statement on Jacob Blake Shooting, Calls for Adventists to be “Conduits of Peace”

Editor’s Note: The following statement was written by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists on August 26, 2020, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake on August 23. The statement is included in full below and is also available on the NAD’s website by clicking here.

Amid Increased Racial Tensions, NAD Issues Statement Calling Adventists to Serve as Conduits of Peace

Racial tensions in the United States have been raised even further after the recent shooting of 29-year old Jacob Blake, a black man, by police officers in Wisconsin. This event, like countless others, has amplified the voices of Black Americans and others as they cry out seeking justice for the acts of violence perpetrated against their community.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America hears their voices and calls upon our churches and members to serve as conduits of peace and hope to our Black brothers and sisters. We recognize their pain and the injustice they face, and strive to serve as their voices when they are silenced by those seeking to quiet them. Let us call for changes in the way the Black community is treated by those put in positions of trust and protection.

When acts of racism and violence hurt the Black community, all of us are impacted. As God’s children we can and must do better in the way we equitably treat each other. Jesus Christ proclaimed, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand” (Matt. 12:25, NKJV).


Image courtesy of the NAD.


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Was this “an act of racism”? There is no evidence of that yet.
Was the suspect wanted for a violent felony? Apparently so.
Did the suspect violently resist arrest? Yup.
Was the suspect armed? We don’t know. No details have been released yet.
Was the suspect reaching for a weapon when shot? We don’t know yet, but it is a maybe.

This statement assumes too many facts not in evidence and serves to both condemn the police and to fan the flames of victimhood.


4 members and one trunk. That left a lot of option to stop this person. Says my sniper of a husband.

There will never be a justifiable reason for such kind of shooting. Seven runs to the back of a man walking away? The intent was clearly to kill the guy, not only with three bullets, but to finish him for good with another four bullets on top of it. What kind of craziness is this?

That cop should have been jailed immediately. Oh,… I forgot: he will be called a “suspect” for a while. I bet the three children in the car will never consider that deranged, insane cop a “suspect.” Neither will I. At that moment he was a bad law enforcement, a bad judge, and a cowardly executioner! All at the same time.

What’s next? Not guilty???

From now on I am not taking any chances. When I see any police activity, I am pulling my phone on them immediately. CNN will gladly take in the images. Maybe, just maybe, even Fox will welcome them too…


I appreciate the intention of the statement, but the “us/them” language continues the false narrative of race. This is a “WE” problem.

This is an utterly feckless statement by the NAD. “Conduits of peace”? When hurricanes strike does the church call for “conduits of hope” or does the church make specific pleas for financial aid and resources to aid the afflicted?

Why then, if the church really believes that blacks are being killed because of racism, does it refuse to specifically call for it’s members to be actively anti-racist? The only reason is that a) church doesn’t believe racism is actually a problem or b) it doesn’t actually care about it’s black members.

There is no room for lukewarm attitudes on racism

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Mite presumptuous perspective.
Another possibility might be inability (or refusal) to understand a true response to the whole problem and instead, unsurprisingly perhaps issue this form of pablum.
Given the cancel culture/shaming, such a cause may well be far more likely.

Not nearly ass many times as a cop has been killed
by an improperly approached violent DV perp

…not sure how some folk seem to get the cart so bass ackwards with relation to the horse.
Cops respond to active complaint of a multiply convicted DV/SA perp presenting threat to a woman and her three kids. Perp, in choosing actions reasonably construed to be a further potential for violence against the children (as well as quite plausible, no, MOST LIKELY a continuing threat to LEO responders)

Quite likely no court in a nation of laws would agree with your premature gushing.
Unless we are not a nation respecting a rule of law. Which, apparently, is debatable.

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Welcome to Spectrum’s conversation Adriel. Hope you feel at home and keep participating actively.

I fully support your post.

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