NAD Leaders Will Speak at Church-Organized Rally Tonight in Washington DC

The North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists is responding to the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile with a march on Washington this evening. Adventist congregations near the North American Division headquarters have organized the march at which the division president and executive secretary will speak. The following announcement has been released on social media:

Washington DC area churches are organizing this event [tonight], Saturday at 6:30 pm, local church congregations will come together to let our voices be heard! PLEASE wear RED.

The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of those sworn to protect us cannot, must not go unnoticed by our church community!

We also remember the 5 Dallas police officers killed Thursday night in the line of duty!

Pastors Dan Jackson and Alex Bryant from the North American Division, will be joining local churches and will be speaking.

If you are in the Washington, DC join us on Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 6:30 pm at the Lincoln Memorial. In solidarity, we will march to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial announcing that not another day will go by without our voices being heard regarding the senseless killings of our fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters at the hands of law enforcement.

We're requesting that everyone wear RED symbolizing the innocent blood flowing in the streets.

We Will Stand for All! ‪#‎wewillstandforall‬ ‪#‎standwhereyoulive‬

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Good for them. Actions speak louder than words.


How can you say “you stand for the police officers killed on thursday”? And the add:[quote=“spectrumbot, post:1, topic:11284”]
Memorial announcing that not another day will go by without our voices being heard regarding the senseless killings of our fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters at the hands of law enforcement.
[/quote]. We need to stand for unity in love and truth for all. Take a stand for Jesus. All lives matter


There is no record of Jesus or his followers parading in the streets protesting the injustices of the day and there certainly were lots of wanton and cruel killings.

This is not the way to spend Sabbath.And why make a noise over some Afro Americans or police being killed and be silent when the US government kills many innocent bystanders in drone strikes in the third world.

The hypocracy of the SDA church is sickening.


If this is the Ralph Thompson I knew at the GC (?) I think today’s world is not the world Jesus lived in. I don’t think this is hypocrisy, this is action to bring about change.

If this is what results when the NAD moves out of the GC building, I’m ALL for it!


I showed up in church this morning still feeling raw and, I confess, expecting no prophetic challenge, comfort, or inspiration. (Often speakers at my church say nothing in response to the issues and events that have seized our attention during the previous week.)

I am happy to share that I did find comfort and encouragement. Our first elder, a retired HS science teacher, preached from Matthew 24:12 (“Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold”). He confessed his sense of inadequacy and fear of saying the wrong thing (he is white; our church is multicultural), and then bravely shared his heart. His voice breaking at times, pausing occasionally to wipe his face, he reviewed the events of the last week. Referring to the pastors who praised the Orlando shootings (, he warned us of “false prophets, secular and spiritual,” who exploit tragedies to stir up hatred. He reminded us of the security we all enjoy because of our standing in Christ and begged us to partake of the spirit of Jesus–to speak up for justice and to do so lovingly.

He closed with a beautiful prayer for the injured officers, for the families and loved ones of those killed, for our country, and for the officers who shot Philando Castile and Alton Sterling–“They need you, Lord. We need you.”

The moment he was done praying, the row of black Earliteens behind me started talking. (They had been intent and riveted during the whole sermon.) One of them wanted to recount to me the whole story of Philando Castile’s shooting and his girlfriend being held at the police station overnight and her tiny daughter trying to comfort her. I am so very glad they heard from the pulpit that Jesus has something to say about the horrific events unfolding around us, and that there is action we can take–that our love does not have to grow cold.

Challenged, comforted, and inspired, and brainstorming ways to pass it on. Good for you, Washington-area congregations!


I fully endorse tonight’s NAD march for anti-racist solidarity.
Congratulations to the NAD and its superb leadership.

Amazingly, Ted Wilson is conspicuous by his absence, from this march.
Could it be that he is embarrassed to be there, when his much admired, much quoted, EGW, is notorious for her extremely racist, anti-black comments?

As a South African, I can state that even the Apartheid advocates did not make more racist statements than did EGW.

Thanks to the Internet, you may google them.


It is a sad, sad, day that sda leadership will succumb to the emotions of the daily news as though they were representing Christ or the will of the NAD sda church… Remember how the NAD were saying that the women ordination issue was a big distraction at the last GC taking away the focus from the gospel of Christ??? Don’t you think that this action is a great distraction from gospel and three angels message??? What will be the next issue that the church will follow along pulled by the nose by progressive thinking that is egged on by the leftists??? Gun control??? Minimum wage???

Ernest, Adventists have been preaching from the headlines for as long as I can remember. No, it is not a sad, sad day. It would be a sad day if our church were to fail to stand up against violence and evil.


For your information EGW diverted some of her tithe to black ministers in the South who she said were underpaid.
As with other statements she made on numerous things over the course of seven decades, you need to consider the context of the times. Back in the 1800’s she was considered a progressive on race issues compared to the social norm back then.

Dan Jackson is proving to be a great leader of NAD. Too bad he isn’t GC Prez.


Unless of course they are preaching about the Pope and the RCC, then it is completely OK.


One of the Seventh day Adventist Local Church Pastor problems is this:
No one talks about the EARLY Pioneers. The Pre- and Post-Civil War Pioneers.
Some of them were Very RADICAL.
The Under Ground Railroad. Many of them were part of that program.
Some of them knew Sojourner Truth.
They indirectly helped Harriet Tubman.
They were involved with the evils of the day — Alcoholism. Unfortunately it took 2 non-SDAs to begin Alcoholics Anonymous, both of them alcoholics, and a catholic nun friend to begin AA, and then later
someone else to begin NA - narcotics anonymous.
[It IS VERY STRANGE that Seventh day Adventist churches, big on Temperance will not be foremost in sponsoring AA and NA groups in their facilities. All groups here in GA that I know have to use Sunday keeping churches.]
It is TRUE SDAs had to be careful with Black Evangelism. Part of Black Evangelism was a LITERACY program. Reading the Bible and the Hymn Book. But that allowed them to read and learn from other sources and 'became to smart" for a lot of White Men. That is WHY Edson White developed his steam boat ministry along the Mississippi River and the Cumberland River.
That was another reason for developing a Black Training School in Huntsville, ALA – Oakwood College.
Individual SDAs knew many of the famous Black persons back then.
By the 50s and 60s we had lost that Pioneer Spirit. And never became involved with Civil Rights except on a one at a time basis. A very few SDAs became involved, but nothing reported in the “Review”. SDAs were somewhat friends of Marion Anderson, the black singer.
SDAs were segregationists at the GC and with our medical institutions. In the GC building, the Black department men were NOT allowed to eat with the White department men in the cafeteria.
Does anyone recall when a black SDA woman, very sick, was brought to the Adventist Hospital in DC, was refused treatment. Forced to go to the “Black hospital”. And because of the delay in treatment she died???
The Seventh day Adventist church in the last 60 years has become VERY reclusive and VERY seclusive. And all of this reclusiveness, seclusive-ness came about right after Ellen White died in 1915.
SDAs SHOULD have been front row promoters of Race Relations – [White, Black, Brown, etc]. SDAs should have been front row promoters of AA and NA groups.

Does anyone have First Hand Knowledge of “the March on Washington” by SDAs yesterday? Not just hearsay???

EDIT: The Gospel of God [romans 1] upsets the societal status-quo. 1. It makes Jews and Samaritans brothers, family. 2. It makes Free men and Slave men brothers, family. 3. It makes rich and poor, family.
4. It makes strangers to each other, family. 5. It makes persons of other religion, language, culture, borders, family. 5. It makes persons of all colors, races that one meets on the street, coffee shops, grocery, family. 6. It makes men and women equal [SDA preachers dont like to hear this one].
And so the Church should be a moving power to lift up Society. Not in a Church-State relationship, but in a supportive role in meeting people and promoting Literacy, promoting Stability of Family, promoting Role Models – Male and Female – for children and Teens.
In lower income brackets kids are allowed to not learn, to drop out of school, to have no life goals. There is lack of family structure so kids “have no family”. In Pre-Teen and in Teens they find FAMILY on the streets in gangs. Learn THUG behavior. Enjoy the THRILL of THUG behavior. Get into drugs and alcohol. To support them, learn the risky behavior of stealing and fencing. Girls learn and enjoy inappropriate behavior with teens and grown men.
Few groups are available to intervene at these important times in life. Just providing government housing, food stamps, a monthly check is not the needed intervention to prevent Anti-Social behavior of black or whites, or browns.
This is WHY Ellen White was concerned about the Gospel to New York. It is ONLY the Gospel that can prevent or change Anti-Social behavior, to develop stability in a family, to provide incentive to learn, to provide consideration of Life Goals.
Since Ellen White’s death 101 years ago, Seventh day Adventists have missed the opportunity to help change Society in the United States. Being reclusive, being seclusive we have not allowed God to do the work he would liked to have done through our church organization.

Frank – If the Jews could have EMBRACED the Roman soldiers as Children of God there would have been friendship, pleasantries between them one-on-one, instead of violent insurrection which resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus’ 10th Legion.

Tony – It is becoming, Through this Black Lives Matter organization, and through Rappers, to be The WAR on Cops. Actually there is a new book out, The War On Cops.
In it she explains that we are having a whole generation of youth growing up who are becoming Lawless, terrorizing neighborhoods, and doing so in groups, [some places called gangs]. Into drugs, and stealing and fencing to support their lifestyle. In my town I know where some crack houses are, convenience stores where merchandise is traded. Streets you wouldnt want to go at night, and a couple eerie in the day time. One person told me about a known place by the police where drugs are sold. He asked the police person why they dont break it up. He was told the people have guns. Even too dangerous for them.
I have a number of black and white persons I know, several of them I eat with at at “food for homeless’ at noon place mon thru’ friday that buy and use drugs. All their drug [cocaine, marijuana, meth] dealers are black. There are probably white ones around, but dont know of any. The couple of drug dealers I have seen through them drive nice SUVs.
We had a local 'free” paper [comes out every 2 weeks with a few stories, mostly for the advertising of businesses and cultural activities] recently with the front page picture asking, Is Heroine in Central Georgia? And YES!!. The distributorship is in Atlanta. And has been showing up in small amounts right now here in Macon, Augusta, Savannah.

I have long time AA and NA friends. Have one I met 10 years ago and met others through him, took him to meetings. Went to AA and NA week-end events through the years with several. Have another person lately without transportation and take him when needed. Quite a few of them have been both on alcohol and drugs. You would, maybe, be surprised how many were using drugs to moderate their Bi-Polar, ADD symptoms. This was before they were aware they had these problems. Taking proper medication now.

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As I read the recorded activities of Jesus, he was outspoken on religious corruption, pride and abuse of their power, while He was silent on the Roman-killing machine. As the church moves, increasingly more into the area of politics it is bound to alienate politically divided America and its public image.

I wish I could redirect the NAD to publicly focus on the Sermon on the Mount. To be there for the slain police officer as well as individuals that have lost their lives in the Justice System. Offer professional counseling and asset families in job creation and education. However, take no sides or demonstrations that only address one side of the issue.

Demonstrate for equal rights alone racial lines, how about gender rights? TZ


Paul appealed to Caesar, too.
Paul got Caesar’s sword.

What business do the Sabbath-keeping heirs of Paul’s Gospel have, appealing to ‘Caesar’ on the Sabbath, instead of to the ‘Lord of the Sabbath’, alone ?

Should I be looking for another Sabbath-keeping church ?

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I am sorry, Oldabe. This is a beautiful way to show our love. We are to cry against injustice. It says that in Isaiah. Where were we during the Civil Rights movement. Sleeping. We cannot remain sleeping. Adventist, rise up and shine.


The word is Moral Authority. Something we have not seen from the SDA church in a very, very long time. Thank you Elders Jackson and Bryant for leading the way.


The government under which Jesus lived was corrupt and oppressive; on
every hand were crying abuses,—extortion, intolerance, and grinding
cruelty. Yet the Saviour attempted no civil reforms. He attacked no
national abuses, nor condemned the national enemies. He did not
interfere with the authority or administration of those in power. He who
was our example kept aloof from earthly
governments. Not because He was indifferent to the woes of men, but
because the remedy did not lie in merely human and external measures. To
be efficient, the cure must reach men individually, and must regenerate
the heart. {DA 509.3}

The quote speaks for itself.


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Hi Oldabe, many in the SDA Church do not agree with Dan Jackson’s actions.

I can’t see the GC engaging in these activities. I wonder if this could endanger our nonprofit status.

I agree with your comment.

Very nice story, margaret. Thank you for sharing.