Nam/Goldstein Interlogue

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Make sure that you get over to LLU Professor Julius Nam's Progressive Adventism site for an informative interlogue with our pal Clifford Goldstein. Nam: Some who read your writings, especially on matters of belief, have formed an impression of you as a dogmatic, militantly partisan, even closed-minded individual. But I’ve heard others (who have disagreed with you) describe you as a fair-minded, fun person to fellowship with. What are your critics not seeing or understanding?

Goldstein: Well, I think there tends to be a lot of energy and forcefulness in my writings that turns some folks off. I try and hone in on my point as sharply and strongly as I can. That gives the impression of dogmatism, I know, and I suppose to a degree it’s a fairly accurate representation, though I have mellowed with age. I think too that because I started writing as a pretty new Adventist, with a lot of zeal and fire, I got that reputation early on, and even though I have mellowed out (though folks who didn’t like “Seventh-Day Darwinians” might disagree) your past tends to follow you long into the future.

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