Nancy Vyhmeister’s Advocacy for Women’s Ordination

Nancy Vyhmeister—teacher, writer, editor, and speaker of multiple languages—has dedicated a part of her long career in the Adventist Church to advocating for women in ministry. But she stumbled onto this issue almost by accident.

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Mrs. Nancy Vyhmeister,
Thank you for your great efforts. I for one am thankful for anyone who stands for equality (as opposed to equity) because any human, male or female, has the capacity for wisdom, communication, and ministry talents. The biblical stories of women validate this. Your dedication is admirable!


I appreciate her position. It was settled for me by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 where Paul Says the Holy Spirit dispenses the spiritual gifts, including pastoring, as He wills-choses/ determines, not as church administrators chose.


The more the history of the SDA General Conference grows, the less of any substance they have to say, and the fewer are those people who are allowed by the GC to say it.

If I live long enough – perhaps another year or so after Ted Wilson is re-elected this June – I expect some day to wake up to a world without an SDA church in which only women have any memory of it, because atrocities are easier to remember than blessings.


So disappointing to see completely not relevant questions, at least most of them.

The translation of the Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC) summary of the pro-ordination view (Position 2) appears on the Association of Adventist Women’s website under the name Consecrating Women. The Tagalog and Russian translations were by pastors. The French by a lifelong French teacher. The Croatian translator has a PhD in comparative literature. Dr Vyhmeister edited the Spanish translation done by a non-theologian.

AAW recognizes that lay translations cannot have the same nuance as one edited by a theologian like Dr Vyhmeister. For example, in one TOSC article she contacted the author to inform him that two words he compared only had one comparable Spanish translation, and which alternatives he thought reflected his meaning best. This is an example of the excellent scholarship Dr Vyhmesiter provides. AAW sought the assistance of several theologians to assist with translations or editorial assistance and regret that they were unable to find assistance. AAW would welcome assistance in this project.


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